Can I change a thumbnail on a video?

Jul 30, 2019

Right now it is showing a black screen, is there a way to add a thumbnail image from my video as the cover instead of a black screen?


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Ann-Marie Pickles

I've just submitted a support case for this function as it was a real pain having to add an image to all my videos and then had to export them again and then re-insert them back in the Rise course. I would have thought this would be a normal feature of adding videos. It will be interesting to hear what Articulate comes back with as this has been an issue for over 2-3 years now. At least I know for next time when I create the videos :)

Ann-Marie Pickles

You can in Storyline set a poster frame (right-click on the video) BUT not in Rise. I am using Rise and need to have something other than a white or black frame for the poster frame. I ended up adding an image to the first 10 frames of the video and then re-exported it out to insert into Rise. The way I did it worked but not everyone has video editing software and time to add images into their videos :)

Steve Warren

This is really irritating ... adding a "phantom" image to the start of a video is really time consuming, and anyway, I sometimes use thumbnails that aren't part of the video.  No-one is asking you to become a YouTube, but this is just SO simple.

The default could remain as the opening shot of the video, with an option to override it with another image.