Character Limit in Rise Scenarios

Aug 16, 2019

Does anyone know if there is a plan to modify the 150 character limit in Scenarios in Rise?  Or...I have to ask, does anyone know a way around it?

Using Scenarios is wonderful but 150 character max extremely limiting since scenarios are ideal for things like knowledge checks and scenario role plays.

This is really limiting my use of what could otherwise be a great tool.

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Yuri Lopes


Yet another +4 year old forum post that is replied with nothing but "thanks for your suggestion".

I have exactly the same problems as everyone here, I translate my courses from English into French, Italian and German and it is physically impossible to say what we want to say with 150 characters in all languages.

I also see absolutely no reason whatsoever why the one bubble can be 200 but the other one only 150. At least give us the same space for all of the bubbles available?

Also, it couldn't be THAT much of a hassle to increase the characters to 250, it's 50 characters and I'm sure 90% of everyone in this thread's issues would be resolved by having 50 more characters.


It is really frustrating how Storyline is treated so nicely, specially lately with all the QoL improvements made in the tool over 2022 and 2023, and Rise is just sitting there gaining dust being useful for next to nothing because everything is so finnicky to use and we barely even have space for translations.

PLEASE look into this, the simplest fix of adding 50 characters would go a long way, and I doubt anyone who uses this tool values "look and feel" more than practicality. Doesn't matter how good anything looks if I can't do what I need to do with the tool.