COMING SOON TO RISE: Scenario and Chart Blocks

Dec 11, 2018

Today we announced new features and content in Articulate 360 including two new block types coming in Rise.

It’s already stunningly easy to create engaging lessons with the learning blocks in Rise, but soon you’ll be able to create branching scenarios using the images and characters from Content Library. And, we’re adding a chart block that’ll help you create eye-catching charts in seconds.

We’ll update you in this forum when these new features are available. We think you’re going to love them! To learn more about all the new features we’ve announced, check out the What’s New, What’s Next page.

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Nina Araujo

Hi, Lizzie - I think this goes beyond a promise. It was a business decision to inform their customers about a feature that many of us counted on. Five months wait time is simply not acceptable. In my case, I built an entire project counting on the feature only to find out that my timeline was going to be compromised by this irresponsible announcement by Articulate 360. I ended up contracting with a different service and am considering other options at the moment. There are quite a few companies out there, with a faster turn around as well as customer service that is dedicated to quality. Staple answers from staff that say "thank you for inquiring and how great that you are here so you can be notified about it" just doesn't cut it at this time. 

Michael Law

I check for Articulate 360 updates and announcements regularly to keep my e-learning teammates informed. I was so excited when the scenario capability for Rise was mentioned, that I relayed the info to my supervisor.  We held a short meeting to highlight a number of our current courses that could benefit from scenario and decision-based learning.  Three months after that meeting, the only thing we can take back to management is that it's "coming soon."   

Just like everyone else, I'd like to know when. I don't think anyone is expecting promises at this point because we all understand that plans change. A ballpark would be nice...1 month? 3 months? end of year? 

Michael North

Appreciate all projects get delayed, but believe a greater level of communication here to re-set the expectation would have gone a long way.

I personally have needed to resort to a couple of custom build in Storyline due to the delays, but am still really excited about this feature - just hoping it arives soon and delivers as promised.

Michael Brown

Hi, is there any update on the scenario functionality yet?  It's been five months since it was announced and almost a month since we've heard from anyone from Articulate on this discussion.  I have a number of projects in the pipeline that this would be perfect for but no idea if it's realistic for me to plan to use this as there is complete radio silence around delivery dates.  Really frustrating.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi everyone! I’ve got some exciting news for you all!

You can now add tables to your Rise courses! Here’s how it works. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use tables in your courses, be sure to check out this article.

Also, the scenario block is here! Check out this tutorial to find out how to create scenarios in Rise 360.

And this isn’t the only cool feature we released today! Head over to our what’s new page for the full list!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. 😁

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