Completion issues with Rise courses

Jul 09, 2018

We have multiple learners across different instances experiencing the same issue:

A learner will work through their course and sees the sections checking off. Once they exit the course they are not seeing completion in Learndash. If the learner re-enters their course progress is saved and the sections are still checked off.

It seems the completion statement is sending but leaving the learner in this specific state.

The issue is not affecting all of our users and I unable to find a commonality between the users that are experiencing the issue.

The LMS we are using is Learndash.

We are exporting our courses as Tincan packages.



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valentino santana

Hi all, our learners are experiencing a similar issue with our Rise courses.  They complete all sections, but the completion isn't captured by the LMS (SuccessFactors).  Any idea what could be causing this?  I export to SCORM 1.2, and it works perfectly for most people.  Tested successfully in too.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Valentino! Sorry to hear some of your learners are hitting this roadblock. 

You mentioned that you tested the course in SCORM Cloud, is that right? When you tested there, was the completion status captured correctly? If so, that would point to this being related to SuccessFactors.

When learners report that completion status isn't reported in SuccessFactors, are they running into a particular error message? Have you noticed that they're using a particular web browser?

Peter  Ryan


I previously had problems when launching on same page or a lightbox. Launching on new page sorted this out. Was occurring only on some browsers.

You may need to set up another trigger in your LRS so the passed verb generates a completion AND a completion verb generates a completion (then sent to LMS).

Publish without setting player to launch in windows in Articulate instead set to launch in new window using your xapi launcher (eg grassblade).

Also you could try to adjust your secure tokens in your axpi settings.

I have also had a problem with the activity URL being SSL in your axpi. Do a backup and be carefull changing to HTTPS. Your security plugins especially ithemese can force SSL requirements.

Nova Knight

Hi Maritka,

We have been using RISE to build new courses and have found it hit and miss whether the course is recorded as "Completed" on our new LMS system even though the settings are the same when published. The export settings used are xAPI tin can and tracked using course completion 100%.

The course itself will show 100% complete when done but the completion doesn't seem to be pulling through to the system.

Are there any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

peter ryan

Hi Nova .

You may need to set up another trigger on your LRS. 

You will probably have one for completed (verb) = completed for 360.

Rise ONLY uses "passed verb" for tests and amount of slides viewed.

So set a trigger "passed = completed" in your LRS. 

Problem with this is (and this is major) is if you currently track amount of slides in your 360 training as a completion and have several results slides throughout the training then once someone passes the first test this result will be passed as a completion to LRS / LMS.

Hope this makes sense. 

Steve Wass

I am getting this problem with Rise in Moodle / Totara - we use IE11 in the organisation (that said - am experiencing it with Chrome aswell)  can anyone let me know if there is any advice around this.  The course is recording 100% and the settings for export are 100% complete - incomplete as no results slide, and Scorm 1.2  The 100% on Rise is not translating into a complete on the LMS.


Crystal Horn

Thanks for letting me know, Steve. I created a sample course with those settings, and it marked as complete in our Moodle environment.

I recommend testing your output in SCORM Cloud:

  • If it registers as completed there, reach out to your LMS support to understand why their environment isn't interpreting the completion properly.
  • If your course doesn't register as completed in SCORM Cloud, we're happy to have a closer look at your course to find out why!
Steve Wass

Many thanks - I tried in SCORM cloud yesterday as it happens and it did record a complete - but was wondering whether there were any browser issues people had come across.


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Désirée  Jochem

Hi everyone,

we're using our home-build LMS but have some trouble sending the completion status of Rise to the LMS (using xAPI).

The Rise course shows complete, but our LMS is waiting for an event to happen (like Rise saying: Hey, I'm finished!) to mark the course as completed.

I tried testing one of our basic courses in SCORM Cloud to check the xAPI statements. It's a very basic course with a single page (even skipping the starting page and going directly into the course). There's nothing to click, so the learner just needs to scroll down a little bit and that's it. But I don't get a "completed" message in SCORM Cloud either, even though I published the course to track using course completion (100%). 

So it seems the problem lies within the course. Can someone tell me what's wrong?

Edit: it seems skipping the "Start Course" page is causing some of this. Is there a way to get Rise to send complete without that button?

Désirée  Jochem

Hi Karl,

thanks for answering.

My learners do in fact view 100% of the course - at least Rise's progress bar shows 100%.
The only thing they don't view is the starting page (index.html). 

If the index.html was part of the 100%, the course should be fine if I set the course completion to 90% - but I still don't get a "completed" message.