Cover photo and logo image upload error

Apr 09, 2018


I'm trying to upload a cover photo and logo. I keep getting the error message "Please verify the file type if an image and try again". the file format is a jpeg and I have tried multiple images, one of which i was able to upload into an image block of the course.

Can anyone tell me why i keep getting this error? :S please, and thank you!

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Juanita!  I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem!  It's hard to say for sure without seeing your image, but one thing that comes to mind that might be causing this problem is your browser.  If you are trying to create this course in Internet Explorer, that could be causing the issue.  IE is not one of the supported browser for authoring Rise courses.  You can find supported web browsers for authoring and viewing responsive Rise courses here.

Ramla Gabriel

I'm getting that error now.  I wasn't having a problem previously today using the same image for a logo but now it won't let me upload any image as a logo or as a cover photo.  Since these images previously worked, it's not a file problem.  I think the problem is on the Rise servers end of things.  I'll try again later but this slows me down as I was almost ready to finalize my next to last course for the day and now can't quite do so.  Thanks in advance for looking into why several people are getting this error.

Ramla Gabriel

Thanks.  We are using our university logo (a jpg file) on all of our courses (I can't attach it here for legal reasons).  I was eventually able to upload it but, for some period of time, Rise was giving me the same “please verify the file type if an image and try again” error that others got.  I didn’t change the image file or anything else but had to keep attempting to add before eventually it worked.  I suspect that the servers were busy or something else was going on on Rise’s end of things as there is no problem with our images.  We had successfully used these before and have successfully used them after.  Unfortunately, sometimes Rise just won’t accept any image files for the logo or cover photo (we tried several image files and several image types at the time, just to be sure).  Thanks again for looking into this.  It’s only a problem in that it slows down our course production unnecessarily.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ramla,

What browser are you authoring your Rise courses in? Please make sure to use one of the supported browsers and the latest version listed here. 

I've seen a number of folks run into that error when attempting to upload an image in Internet Explorer, which isn't supported for authoring.

Also, how large is your jpg image? 

Irina Poloubessov

I have this issue when uploading a profile photo in my account in Articulate 360, in chrome newest version.
It even gives me the error message when I try to reupload the profile photo that I just have deleted. 

UPD: funny, I managed to upload it through the eLearning Heroes profile, and then it was also automatically taken over to Articulate 360 profile, but before eLearning heros page it gave the error.

Jenna Rigg

I am having the same issue. I tried in both chrome and firefox. My file is a jpeg, size 768KB. The funny thing is, it uploaded as content in a marker, and a standalone image, but it won't upload as a labeled graphic. I tried uploading as png as well. This is proprietary information, so I cannot post the image here. (I submitted a ticket with the image.)

Mary King

I am having the same issue today trying to upload a jpeg as a cover photo. I also tried a png. I am using Chrome (as always). Also, this morning I am having difficulties with a video embed code that I have tested and the code is working properly but will not direct to the correct video within Rise. 

Edit - I can add a jpeg as an image but not as a cover photo or as a labeled graphic.