data not sent to LMS (sent partialy)

Sep 21, 2020


It seems that I have trouble with data sending to LMS from course made in Rise 360. I attached the settings of SCORM.

Compleation for some users is sent to LMS with no problem and I can see it in the report, and for some users it is not happening in spite of 100% right answers to the test.  Passing score showed at the final screen of the test, but course is still marked as incomplete at LMS. 

Do you have any  tips on how solve this problem?  

LMS is Russian - Teachbase.

Thanks a lot


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello! Thanks for reaching out! Can you help me with a few more details about the course?

  • Does this problem only happen when learners are using a mobile device, or does it also happen when they're using desktop computers?
  • Have you been able to recreate this problem in your own testing?
  • Does the course contain an Exit Course link or button?
Jen Edgerton

We are experiencing this intermittent issue with some Rise courses as well. We use an exit course link and have tried using an exit button. 

I had a previous Articulate ticket open and I've had our LMS support review it as well. It's very difficult to recreate because it's intermittent. It does not appear to be browser related.

Today I discovered if I retake the quiz and pass a second time, the course will complete. I came to the forum to check for anyone with similar findings before reaching out to Articulate Support.

Unfortunately, I don't have an answer, but I'm sharing this issue.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jen, 

Thanks so much for sharing what you've found in your testing. I see you had a support case from April 2020 about the same issue, so it sounds like you've been dealing with this problem for a while now! 

If you have an updated course file you can share, our team would be happy to test it. I know you mentioned the issue happens intermittently, but we'll do all we can to nail down why this is happening. 

If that's something you'd like to do, you can open a case here, or you can reply back to your original case with Eric. 

Elisa Farina

Hello, I am hoping that you can help me.  I am testing Rise 360.  Our current LMS requires us to publish to AICC.  However, the Exit Course link and the Exit Course button will not work in my LMS and I can not get the course to give me a completion status.  I have published several different ways.  I changed the Tracking from Track using quiz results to Track using course completion.  I changed Report from Pass/Failed to Complete/Incomplete.  

I am at a loss of what to do next.  No matter which way I try it, I can not get a completion status from this course.  I used the ScormCloud site to make sure that my course passed testing to ensure that it was AICC compliant.  Help!  Feeling very frustrated.

Jen Edgerton

Hi Elisa, we are still experiencing this, as well. Like you, we are now trying to track the course by completion instead of quiz result since we know the learner cannot get to the final slide unless they successfully pass the quiz. With that, we've set the score in our LMS (Bridge) to 0%. Early tests seem to be working, but this has been an intermittent issue, so it remains to be seen if this workaround will continue to work for us.

We did determine if the learner retakes the quiz and passes a second time, the course will complete. But obviously that's not a viable workaround - just an observation. I'm wondering if you are seeing that too?

We always use the EXIT course feature and we've even added a specific button to exit the course. The glitch remains intermittent and does not appear to be browser related.

Elisa Farina

So after truly getting frustrated I got my course to work when I published to Course Completion at 90%.  The interesting thing was that I had to direct the LMS to look for the indexAPI.html extension which is in the scormdriver folder in order for it to work.  Also, the Exit course link worked as well.  Our current LMS requires that we create the URL that the LMS will use to launch the course.  We are moving to a new LMS (Saba) so I am not quite sure how it will work in there since you need to upload a zip file to that system.  Fingers crossed as I continue to test.  

@Jen Edgerton - I tested the course the same way and retook the quiz multiple times but it didn't work for me.  What I did above was the first time I got a completion.


Last time my problem was solved by adding EXIT button. But I am back here with almost the same question.
Now I have troubles with Welcome module without a test. It has both EXIT link and button. 

I have the following settings:

SCORM 2004 4; track using course completion;  complete/Incomplete;

No matter what I use (desktop or mobile) it is always the same result: I have “0 of 1 task completed”  message and subsequently 0% progress. 

Same Teachbase LMS