Disable/hide the completion status in Rise

Nov 14, 2017

hi, i am using Rise as a performance support portal for FAQs, videos, announcements etc? therefore i do not need the completion status displayed.

Is there a way to turn it off? thanks


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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Jennifer! Presently in Rise you'll always see the progress indicator on your courses and there isn't a way to remove the completion status.  We're tracking requests to have more control over the menu and progress options, so I'll add your voice to that! I'll update you if any changes are made.

Swarda Padwal

You need to export/publish a web version of your course. 

Open the Index file (css) in a text or code editor. 

Then, add the following scripts into the body -- style tags.

Here's the script for removing the progress bar and the completion text:

.organic .nav-sidebar-header__progress-text {     

display: none;     


.organic .nav-sidebar-header__progress-track {     

display: none;


Here's the script for removing the pie-like lesson progress icons:

.organic .progress-circle__track {     

display: none;     


If you tweak your content and republish a web version, you must add the code scripts to the index (css) file again.


Swarda Padwal Pophale

Ryan Carlson


Wondering if anything has changed with this. Is there any way to do this without modifying the .css file? We leverage the Review 360 delivery format to provide documentation to Learning Admins. This allows admisn to actually provide feedback too if processes change in our LMS system and our documentation becomes outdated without our knowledge.

Therefore, in that scenario there is no way to turn off the lesson percentage because I don't have a web output to edit.