End Page after a Quiz

Feb 13, 2019

Is there any way to implement an "End Page" after a Rise Quiz (For example: Congratulations you've completed the course, press exit to leave)? 

I know how to create another "lesson" after it, but unfortunately when the user completes the Quiz they have to go to the sidebar navigation to go to the "End Page." 

There's no way for a "Congratulations you've completed the segment" opportunity after the Quiz besides selecting Exit Course at the top right.  

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Annette Piche

I seem to be having the same problem. I created an exit slide from Storyline and brought it over to the RISE course - with click to exit (I made the triggers in Storyline and it works perfectly) but I can't seem to get it right within Rise. Is it perhaps that it will not behave the way I expect if I am in preview mode?

The Marketing Faculty

It does seem a little strange to have to create and extra lesson to provide an exit instruction and note.  I have two issues with this at present:

1. If I create an extra lesson I can't use Require Passing Score to Continue: Selected to “On” as they then won;'t be able to see the final instructions,

2. I would like to branch this end screen for those who have a pass or fail score - the first to leave to the lms and the second to be routed back to the start. 

Finally - in a related matter - it seems a little odd to only be able provide feedback to right and wrong answers (with the wrong answers flagging the lessons to revise) by revealing all the correct answers.  These two options should be separate i.e. show feedback saying they got it right or wrong but do not reveal the answers in the question block when you do that. 

Joyce Maurin

Dear Articulate team, still nothing regarding this request?

That's really a must-have for all well-scenarised e-learning. I'd add a customisable %age for the feedback. For example:

  • 0%-25% "booo you failed",
  • 25%-75% "you still can improve!",
  • 75%-99.99% "yeah well done you passed!",
  • 100% "wow amazing!"

This looks like standards for quizzes on LMS, why not on Rise contents?


mandy king

All I can think of is set the quiz to unlimited attempts so they have to pass it before completion is recorded and have a 'continue to close the course' continuation bar that's locked until they have passed the quiz - and insert some text/text on image to say they have passed and what to do next. When you publish you can still set it to trigger completion on the quiz. I might explore making the quiz in a Storyline block and see what I can do there and publishing so it completes on the storyline block. I haven't tried it but will when the next opportunity arises.
Good luck


Joyce Maurin

As this discussion popped up on my emails, I'll add another customer request for this end page.

When another lesson is available after a quiz (locked or free) the below "go to next section button" is not enough visible. A customer asked me to "unlock" it when it was already unlocked because the end screen asked to "retry" the quiz instead of focusing on "continue the learning" after the quiz was successful.

It would really help to add a feedback area at the end of the quiz to guide the learner about what is next.

Renz Sevilla

Hi folks! I’m thrilled to announce we’ve added an option to choose a continue button style on the quiz results page. Now, your learners will see the familiar continue button that adopts your course theme color if you select this option in the quiz settings.

We’re here if you have questions about how this feature works.