Exit button in Rise not working and not reporting status to LMS

Jun 15, 2018


I am having an issue with the EXIT button function in my Rise courses. When testing in our LMS (SuccessFactors), they don't work. The course doesn't close, and there is no completion record, even though the learner has met the completion criteria. Everything works fine, except this. I have tested in SCORM Cloud and all is working as expected.

I came across some instructions re SF LMS issues in another post: 

----- In SuccessFactors LMS, the launch URL for the Content Object, must point to the “\scormdriver\indexAPI.html” NOT “\scormcontent\index.html” -----

We have followed these instructions.

Many thanks


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Dave,

Really sorry to hear you're hitting this roadblock! I'm happy the course is working well in SCORM Cloud, but we want it to work well for you in SuccessFactors, too.

After pointing to "\scormdriver\indexAPI.html", did that solve the issue? Also, have you had a chance to reach out to SuccessFactors support for their recommendations?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandy,

I'm not sure how it panned out with Dave's changes (hopefully he'll be able to update us), but I wanted to check about your Storyline components not displaying? Do you see that only when pointing to the specific file or in all of your testing in SuccessFactors? As Alyssa shared before, testing in SCORM Cloud is a great option to get a baseline of how it should behave.

Let us know how else we can help! 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jason. I loaded a sample course into both SuccessFactors and SCORM Cloud. I tracked the course by percentage complete (50%), and after completing the course and using the Exit Course link in both environments, here's what I saw:

  • SuccessFactors: I was prompted to Continue, Suspend or Exit. No matter which option I chose, the course didn't indicate it was complete and never moved into my learning history.
  • SCORM Cloud: The course window closed, and SCORM Cloud reported that the course was complete.

Can you find out from SuccessFactors if they prefer a particular SCORM format? I'm also curious about which reporting status you're using (e.g. passed/incomplete) and how you track completion in the course. Feel free to share those details with us here, and we'll see if there's anything we can do on our end to help!

Alyssa Gomez

HI Kirstie,

It sounds like the exit button and tracking are working correctly on SCORM Cloud, but not on Oracle, is that right?

Have you reached out to your LMS administrator to find out if there's a particular SCORM format that works best in Oracle? It may also help to try a different reporting status (passed/incomplete0 to see if that works better. 

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