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Jose Velasquez

A possible solution for those who need characters in Rise is to resize them to a large size within SL360 and then right click on the character and save the file as a TIF (PNG, for some reason includes artifacts). Initially I questioned the need for characters in Rise, but then got a little creative and realized they make perfect sense within certain contexts. My hope is these will be much easier to insert in the near future.

Leia Leiser

Hey there, very happy to have Content Library available in Rise, but when will the characters be added? This feature seems like a no-brainer if the rest of the Content Library is available directly within Rise. I know there are work arounds, but seems like this would be a big time saver instead of essentially copying and pasting the characters from SL. 

Jose Velasquez

Those "avatars" are images you have to upload into Rise. You can get them from SL360 by selecting the character and exporting them out. Once you have your character image you'll have to crop them using Photoshop or some other editor so you get a tight head shot. Then you can upload your avatar to Rise. 

Alex Arathoon

Hi all, this is an old post and I see characters are still not integrated into Rise. I thought this was on the radar a while back seems like the can keeps getting pushed down the road. I will use the workaround by exporting image poses from SL and importing them.

Be great if this was implemented as a Christmas present to all Articulate users.