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Jennifer Gildea

I'm just going to add a "Me Too" to this whole thread. I'm currently using a Storyline block, which means I have to create a separate storyline file for every course I want to add to a Rise module. Being able to have a direct link on an image would be awesome and easy.

I'm assuming someone has formally requested this feature by now?

Jennifer Gildea

I tried this - creating an image in Storyline and adding a hyperlink to go to a link outside of the course. I needed about 10 of them, so to start with, this was a very kludgy solution. I found it behaved very inconsistently when I published and ran with SuccessFactors LMS. While most of the links worked, every time I tested the course, one or two of the links (they were different every time I published) just sat and attempted to load, but never did. There's no consistent reason for this that I could point to Storyline or SuccessFactors for the root cause, as they all used the exact same methodology, and the modules that didn't work changed every time the course was published.

I finally scrapped that methodology (many hours of work wasted) and ended up switching to using an image with text on the side and adding the hyperlink to the text. Not as pretty for the user experience, but it was effective.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jennifer. I'm sorry that workaround was clunky for you. I realize you've spent all the time you want to spend on it, but please know if anything isn't working the way it should with Storyline blocks, we're happy to have a closer look.

Thanks for letting us know what you did instead.

Sara Breedon

I also would like to add a hyperlink to an image. Seems like this feature request has been out for a long time. The chat window I'm typing in now has more functionality than what I see in rise (ability to add code, hyperlink add image/video to text box). This little window alone in Rise might have solved some of these requests. Can this window (with html toggl option added) AND the ability to hyperlink an image be included?!?