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Alyssa Gomez

Hi LaVon!

Have you considered building the sorting activity in Storyline as a drag and drop activity, then embedding that interaction in Rise using a Storyline Block? That would give you complete control over all customizations like number of cards, feedback, font and color, etc. You can even apply a chromeless player so that the interaction is seamlessly integrated into your Rise lesson. 

We're working on adding the Labeled Graphic interaction to Blocks lessons as we speak, and we'll look at adding other lessons as block types in the future. 

Thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see!

LaVon Bowman

Yes, I did consider that but I have found a way to use the Sorting Activity. Thank you so much for the information about using the Storyline Block. I will use the information you provided for another lesson in this course. 

I appreciate your time and the great information and links you provided.