Is there a way to move/copy blocks to other lessons or sections?

Nov 14, 2016


I got a bit carried away (having fun!) and was adding all my blocks to one lesson. I now want to move or copy some of the blocks to a separate lesson or section. Or can I duplicate an entire lesson (and delete the extra blocks)? Is there a way to easily do this that I'm missing? Thanks. j

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Crystal Horn

Hey, Tim!  It sounds like you'd be interested in the Blocks lesson type in Rise.  In a Blocks lesson, you can incorporate different content into one lesson.  Check out this video tutorial on Rise; you'll see around timestamp 6:15 where Tom demonstrates Blocks!

Once you have started a lesson type, however, you won't be able to change it to a different type.  You can create a new lesson and delete any lessons that are unnecessary.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jan. Thanks for asking.

You can duplicate your lessons in Rise right now! Have a Peek at how that’s done.

So if you have blocks that you’d like to reuse, duplicate the entire lesson and delete any extra blocks.

I’m really sorry that I didn’t update this discussion. New features are released all the time, and you get them automatically.

You can stay up to date on the latest additions to Rise right here. Enjoy!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Ronda,

Thanks for clarifying your question. At this time, this is not a feature. I can see where the instructions shared above would be difficult for courses already started or to merge features from multiple projects as well.

This would be a great feature request and I have submitted this on your behalf.

Cass Netzley

Hopefully this request sees some traction soon as it would benefit my team's workflow as well. We manage the production of some expansive course materials w/ many collaborators. The recent copy content to another user feature was great to consolidate material into one account; however-- we still have to manually recreate the same piece to do our own version of a merge for true consolidation into one Rise file/course. 

Giselda Del Prete

I think I found a way around this issue for now. At your table of contents section you can duplicate an entire lesson or module. Then you can drag that entire lesson to a new section and delete the information in the lesson or module you do not need. For example, in my lesson, I wanted to move some of the blocks to a Glossary. So I duplicated the lesson, then dragged it to the glossary module. Now I can just delete the information I don't need instead of rebuilding all the interaction. Click on the attachment for a visual.