Issues Uploading Rise SCORM 1.2 file to LMS

Apr 11, 2023

We have been using SL for years and just now wanted to try Rise however we are having publishing issues.

  1. When we upload to our LMS we are getting corrupt file errors.
  2. When we unzip the file, it shows duplicates of all the content. 
    NOTE: It’s made up entirely of SL blocks - does that matter?
  3. When we export, why does it send an email with the download link as well as automatically download to my pc? Is there a difference?

While I’m here, have you introduced the option the play continuous background music yet?
We’re loving Rise so I hope you have some clarifications/solutions for us!


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Jose Tansengco

Hello John,

Sorry to hear that you ran into issues when uploading Rise 360 courses to your LMS. Allow me to address each of your inquiries individually. 

  1. If your exported Rise 360 course is encountering issues when being uploaded to your LMS, it helps to test on a different LMS to see if the issue is isolated. You can test your course in SCORM Cloud to see if you will get a similar error after uploading your course. If you are able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud, open a case with our support team here so we can take a closer look at what's happening. 
  2. I did a quick test on my end by creating a new Rise 360 course with 2 embedded Storyline 360 blocks, and in the published output, I only saw 2 folders corresponding to the 2 Storyline 360 courses that I added.

    Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the duplicates that you are seeing so I can take a closer look at what's happening on my end?
  3. There is no difference. These are just different ways of the courses being delivered to you. 
  4. Adding background music to a Rise 360 course is currently not yet available, but you can check out our Rise 360 roadmap for any new updates that are in the works.