Issues with Rise share links in Word documents

Jul 22, 2022

Good Morning


We have noticed an issue when using the Rise course share links in word documents and communications, in that when you click on the link it takes you to the Articulate log/info page and not the course. We can still use them OK in the body of an email, but anything else seems to be an issue.


Has anyone else had this issue? It wasn't a problem for us until recently and the only thing that is different, is that we have renewed all of our accounts in the last few weeks.


For information, our default browser is MS Edge but this has been the same for the past few years now and as aforementioned, this is a new problem.


Any advice would be helpful.



Ken Alder

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Noriko Forsting

It sounds like we're having the exact same issue within our organization. My co-workers without articulate accounts are directed to login page (most like now that you mention) when the link is placed on word / pdf, etc. I have not tested enough to say the links always work as long as they are placed in emails, but I'm starting to think that's exactly what's happening...

Here is another post addressing this issue.


Ken Alder

Hi. Yes, this is the link we are using and up until recently it has always worked OK. It seems to work from Browsers and as I have said, from emails. However, when embedded in to Office documents, that's when we get the issues.

I have done a little further investigation myself and notice that the links work, even in word, when using a non-secure laptop or my mobile phone. The problem only seems to occur when I am using my client supplied laptop which has a lot of security on it. I thought this may be due to the VPN but it seems to behave the same even when that is switched off.

This leads me to think it is something to do with the security settings, but some clarification on this would still be helpful.

Ken Alder

Thank you for your response, I'm glad it's not just us that are having the issues.

I've responded to the message I received from the person marked as 'staff' so you can see my full response there; it does appear to depend on what type of device I am using and potentially, has something to do with security or settings.

Angelo Cruz

Hi Ken! Thanks for your reply and great work in isolating the issue. Have you checked out the FAQs in this article to see if any of them applies to you?

If the issue occurs only with your company-issued device, I would suggest reaching out to your I.T. team to check if this is caused by a security setting or software that is preventing links from working as expected. You can also open a support case here so that our engineers can take a closer look at your concern.