Linking between lessons

Jul 23, 2018

I'd like to link other lessons in Rise. I see that the button block element supports linking to other lessons in the same course (via the Destination dropdown), but I also want to use hyperlinks in the text to link to other lessons. How can I get the relative URL so I can hyperlink?

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James Martin

I appreciate that, Wendy. But, in scenario, the link will be static and will break in any context other than the one where I capture it. For example, if I gives access to my course via the Share link, and grab the link from there, I'll be fine. But, if I share the course on Review 360 (or via an LMS), the URL for the same lesson will be entirely different. 

James Martin

I applied your solution and was quite happy with the results. Here's what it looks like in action.

That's a little more elaborate to set up than just highlighting text and selecting a lesson from a menu--hint, hint, Articulate Storyline 360 devlopers--but it still serves my purposes. 

Thanks again for the help, Karl. 

James Martin

Karl posted a solution, and I implemented it. Problem solved. If "everything you need to be able to do" can't be done in Rise, maybe it isn't the right tool to solve your problem. It's a website builder, basically. It's like Squarespace with some additional features that are friendly to learning developers. 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Kristen, 

If you upload your course to a web server, you should be able to take the URL shown in the browser while viewing the lesson that you would like to link to and place this link inside a hyperlink or button stack

This solution is very similar to the one shared by Wendy in this thread. Basically, you'll need to copy the exact URL shown in a browser while you're viewing a specific lesson and then add this to either a hyperlink or button stack in order to directly navigate your learners to this lesson.

Chris Rosso


The only danger here is an LMS that does not allow deep linking. When you do this in the SCORM manifest itself there is no issue, but when you do this in an LMS, the URL in the address bar is not always the correct URL as it includes the user ID of the person taking the course via the SCORM runtime.


André Ørum


right now you either have to build a lot of small courses which it not very user friendly as you cannot directy jump from one course to another. Or we need to put all the smaller courses as lessons inside a large course which makes it easier to nagivate for the user, but then we miss the opportunity to link directly to a course/lesson from our LMS.

Should be said that we run the course as a scorm inside Moodle.

Sam Barnard

+1 to being able to use a hyperlink feature to link to another lesson within the same Rise course.

Thought it'd be nothing more than bringing the function of a button to selected text. Add it to the link functionality currently available and give the two options: standard hyperlink and link to location in the course.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Peter,

We're still working on this feature request and will let everyone subscribed to this thread know as soon as it makes it to our product roadmap. 

You can check my response here for a possible workaround that involves uploading your course to a web server. I'll also open the floor to anyone who has another solution that they'd be willing to share!