Losing work in Rise 360

Feb 23, 2020

Hi, please could you tell me why a popup comes up, either when I'm editing or when I've left the Rise tab open for a while, that tells me that I'm editing the course and asks me if I want to take control? When I click Take Control, it takes me back into the course but inevitably I have lost work, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. This is happening with some regularity, twice this morning so far, and I have restarted, opened in an Incognito window and also made a new account. I don't know what else to try, I can't find a similar issue and I can't afford the time to be redoing work. Do you have any advice please?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Liselle. I'm really sorry that you've lost work. Our team is working to find the root of this issue, and I'd like to get a few more details from you to help:

  • Has the Take Control message appeared even while you're actively editing the course? If so, do you know for about how long you were working on it?
  • To the best of your knowledge, was it text that was lost? Media? Entire blocks?
  • Did this behavior also happen in the incognito session? Did you lose work during that session, or did it just refresh?

Thank you for reporting it. I'll keep this discussion updated with anything new on our end.

Liselle Canham

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for the reply. Here are my answers:

The Take Control message has never appeared while I'm typing a sentence for instance. However, it does appear when I'm in the Edit mode. Sometimes I will be in a lesson and thinking about what next to do, click in a block and it pops up, sometimes I'll leave my desk and when I come back and click into a block it's there, sometimes the page refreshes, goes out of the lesson and into the main page of the course, and when I click to go back into the lesson, the message pops up. At this point, if I leave the screen static for any length of time I can be sure to find it. 

I have lost entire blocks, so a combination of images, text, lists, etc. I didn't realise I was losing work for a while, so I can't say for sure.

I can't remember if I was in an Incognito session the last time I lost work, or not.

I've been using a workaround in my Incognito session, which is to Preview every couple of minutes, I use it like a Save button. I scroll through the preview to make sure that the work I've just done is there, then I go back in, edit a bit more and repeat. It's tiresome but I haven't lost any work since doing that. For instance, this morning I opened my Incognito session and the message appeared, but when I went in, the last work I did yesterday was still there. I feel that's because I had Previewed it, but perhaps that's not true!
For now, I can only say that I haven't lost any work for a whole day, and that is a definite improvement.  

Karl Muller

Here is something related that happened to me yesterday.

I was editing a Rise course, and then had to switch to reply to an email that took just a few minutes. I have two monitors and was doing the email on one while Rise was still open on the other.

Without any action on my part, the Rise course screen went blank and then switched to "Your Course is loading".

When the spinning loading  icon stopped, it immediately switched to "[Name] is editing the course. Do you want to take control?".

While I often see the Take Control message, I've never experienced this scenario before.


lydie perrotin

Hi, I had exactly the same issue this afternoon. I was also working with two monitors and was using both of them to do some copy/paste from Word to Rise (I'm doing a Glossary). At one time I had this "Control message" and I lost a bunch of words definition I had already uploaded into Rise. Hope this can help too to solve the issue soon! Thanks in advance,

Greg Sevcik

Aaaaand....It just did it again and I lost work. Since I personally have now been negatively impacted, I officially dub this bug intolerable.

What the heck is going on Articulate team? 

The course out of nowhere asked me to take control, and reverted back to edits I made 11 minutes ago. So 11 minutes of work was lost. Might not seem like much but sometimes inspiration is fleeting and not replicable. 

Using this software should be fun, not a minefield. When's the fix coming?

Leah Hemeon

I'll chime in here now too. For the last couple of weeks I've noticed that when revisiting courses, sometimes it says that I'm already editing and do I want to Take Control back. I only ever edit on one computer and haven't logged out and back in. I too have had the issue where I switch to a different window briefly and it pops up when I return and I have to take control. I personally didn't notice losing work but now I'm concerned that I did and I just didn't notice.

Articulate - is this a recognized bug then? I thought I was doing something wrong because Rise is just so hands off when it comes to saving work.

Karl Muller

To ensure that my work was saved, I backed out to the list of Lessons for my course.

Then the Take Control message came up, which I've never seen before at the root level of a course.

When I chose to Take Control, I was taken back to the lesson I had been editing before.

Something is clearly amiss, and this is happening to other team members as well.

Liselle Canham

I just want to share my workaround again, it may help someone. I don't know if it actually works, would be great if Articulate could confirm, but I was losing work multiple times a day and so far I haven't lost anything, by using the Preview button like a Save button. Or maybe it's because I'm using an Incognito window, I don't know and I'm too scared to test. I do a couple of things, Preview, check that it's there and go back to Edit. Rinse and repeat. It's taking me so long to complete anything, but at least I haven't lost work, despite the dreaded Take Control message still appearing. I also thought I was doing something wrong so have actually lost a lot of work unnecessarily at a very bad time. 

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