Marker content in Rise not displaying correctly

The content of my card in a Marker block is not displaying at any readable size.  Is there a way to correct the size of what is displayed in the card.  See attached screen shots and zip of course.  I am using the trial version to evaluate Articulate 360.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Geoff,

Thanks for sharing those images and your file so that I could take a look.

You're using a labeled graphic pre-built lesson type, correct?

The markers are at a pre-determined size and will adjust based on the device that you are viewing the course on as part of the responsive design of Rise.

Notice that the marker content is trying to remain inside your image width? That looks to be the cause for what you are experiencing. That image is probably a small one in nature, but if you could even apply it on a 'blank' background to make the image 'wider', that would help the issue you are seeing with your markers.