Multilingual Assessments Course in English and Urdu

Jul 12, 2018


I have developed an assessment in two languages i.e. English and Urdu. Now I want to publish it as a single course and it should be marked completed as any user takes any of this course (be English or Urdu). 

If a user has taken in English, it should be marked completed and wise versa. How could I do this? Is there any Jump or Goto functions available so that when user selects English it should go to that course and when clicks on Urdu it should display Urdu course.

Waiting for your reference. I have gone every discussion forum but couldn't get its answer. Please help me.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, HBL.  It sounds like you need two things to happen:  First, your learners need to choose which language version they want to view and navigate to that version.  Second, you need to mark the course complete even though learners are only seeing one version.

If you have two branches so that learners only see one set of slides based on what language they choose, you should be able to have a main slide where learners can click to view either the English or Urdu version.  What do learners see when they launch the course?

How are you tracking completion?  Do learners just need to view a certain number of slides?  If so, and the number of slides is the same in both versions, tracking will be relatively easy.  Set the tracking requirement to the number of slides necessary for a single section, and they will be marked complete once reaching that number of slides viewed.

Or will you be adding a quiz?  If you need to track by quiz score, that's where it becomes more complicated.  You have to choose one quiz result slide to track.  You'll need to account for the quiz in the other language version that the learner won't see, as well.

If you'd like to share what you have so far, the community is happy to have a look!

Crystal Horn

HBL - My apologies!  I'm sure those directions didn't make much sense at first.  Let's try that again.  😊

Yes, you can absolutely make this happen in Rise if you are tracking by percentage complete in the LMS and using Blocks lessons.  Check out my sample here (you can use a dummy email to view the course).

Here's what I did:

  • Create an initial lesson where learners can choose their path.  I used a button stack.  And then add two sets of lessons, Version 1 and Version 2.
  • Since you only want your learners to see one set of lessons once they've chosen their version, use buttons to control navigation.  Buttons at the end of each lesson will navigate to the next lesson.
  • Disable the sidebar and the previous and next options in your course settings.  I also chose to disable the lesson count labels since learners will only be seeing about half of the lessons.
  • At the end of the last lesson for each version, add a button to exit the course.
  • Export for LMS, and choose a percentage that will mark learners complete.  In my example, I have 5 total lessons.  Learners must see the initial lesson where they choose their version, and the two lessons in their version, 3 out of 5 total.  So my percentage for completion is 60%.

Success!  Learners choose a version, see only the lessons relevant to their version, and reach completion after viewing the relevant lessons.

Let me know how that works for you!

Syed Ali Haider Rizvi

Your support is phenomenal. I really liked the way you have given me guidance that too very frequently. The last but not the least.

I have just developed a quiz in two languages. 

1. English

2. Urdu

The last thing which is bothering that I want learner to be marked completed if he completes his/her assessment with 90% or 100% in any of the language. if learner has taken course in English or Urdu with 90%, he must be marked completed. it mustn't be mandatory for learner to take in both languages. 

Please let me know in this regard. I am already grateful to you for the detailed discussion we have had :)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Hbl,

I'm so glad that Crystal has been able to help you out with your questions so far :)

Rise will send one result slide to the LMS for tracking. We are tracking a request that would allow multiple quiz results to be combined in Rise, similar to what we have in Storyline now. If you're interested in this, just let me know and I'll be sure to add you.

Will the course percentage complete that Crystal shared above work well for you? You could set your quiz to "Require Passing Score to Continue".

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hbl, 

For your multi-language course, I'd follow Crystal's idea to set the percentage based on the number of lessons in the course, and the number a user should see.

So if you'll have 10 lessons total, and the learner is required to see the 1st lesson and the 10th lesson as a wrap-up, and then take a path through 4 other language-specific lessons, that's 6 out of 10 - and you could set your completion at 60%. 

Hope that helps! 

Syed Ali Haider Rizvi

Dear All,

I have two versions so I want my learners to complete one of them which becomes a 50%.

Since my course is just an assessment which has a passing criteria as 80%. The problem is I want my learner to meet this requirement but unfortunately it marks completed irrespective of 80% and doesn't provide the actual percentages while generating the report. 

It marks complete even you don't get a passing percentage and doesn't show percentage while generating a report.

I have been a fan of your support team. Please support in this regard as well :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hbl,

Is this another course you built in Rise? Rise doesn't allow for tracking of multiple quizzes, so you'd have to choose which one to track or create two separate courses, and for each of those if you want the learner to answer all the questions correctly, set the passing score to 100%.

It also sounds like you've set the Tracking option to something else upon Export. Can you check the Rise settings you're using for exporting to LMS: 

If you've confirmed you're using that option and still seeing some odd behavior in your LMS, can you share the Rise export with us here? I can test by uploading to SCORM Cloud and see what information is gathered there! 

Syed Ali Haider Rizvi

Dear Ashley,

Track using quiz result can be set with rest to one quiz (English or Urdu). if I set it to English then it wouldn't capture it when any user selects of Urdu version and vice versa.

I have also uploaded the course on SCORM CLOUD which is also not capturing the score, please see attachment.

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