Narration in Rise

Mar 08, 2018

Is it possible narrate all text in a Rise course, similar what's possible in Studio and Storyline?  Or is audio restricted to certain content types (timeline, process, etc)?  Also, is it possible to have audio play continuously from the start of the presentation through the end, or does the play button have to be pushed for each audio snip?

Thanks in advance for assistance!

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to ELH, Learning Development team! 🎈

So glad you're checking out Rise! Those are some great questions –

You can add audio to the following pre-built lessons: Labeled Graphic, Process, and Timeline. Each type will have an option there to upload or record audio. If you're looking at using a custom block lesson, it can be found under Multimedia > Audio (combining various blocks is encouraged! Perhaps a text block with an audio block underneath? Sky's the limit.)

While there is no function that automatically plays audio available at this time, I'd love to let our team know about this idea! Let me know if anything else comes to mind here or through our feature request form!

Martika Cox

Hi Matt,

Thanks for jumping in here with a cool workaround.

Hi Gordon,

Right now, this isn't possible in Rise 360.  You can record audio directly into Rise 360 or import a high-quality audio file but it will not play automatically.

You can learn more about lesson blocks that support audio here and best practices for audio in Rise 360 here.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kevin Fox

I've also had this issue with Rise for some time, I take the opportunity to utalise Rise whenever I can but in my company this is few and far between.

Our courses need to be able to accomodate a full narration like is available in Storyline 360 purely from a diversity and inclusion perspective for those who may be visualy impaired so only having the option of audio on limited sections makes Rise a no go.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kevin! It sounds like having full screen reader support in Rise 360 would be helpful for your learners. The good news is, we're working on that!

So far, we’ve increased the contrast for built-in course features, added alt text for images, and added keyboard-accessible navigation. Our ultimate goal is to meet accessibility guidelines.  Stay tuned!

Crystal Horn

I hear that automatic playback of narration audio is important to you, Len! We don't have this feature on our roadmap for the near future, but we're still listening to the impact it has on you. I'll update this discussion with any changes.

Quick note - when you reply via email, it includes your email signature with contact information.  You can edit it out of the discussion here if you wish!

Peter Ward

Here's the way it's impacting us. We have dozens of courses that were created in Storyline, that need to be converted to a mobile-responsive platform. We'd love to use Rise for this, except that the lack of auto narration greatly complicates the process, increases budgets, and communicates to our clientele at The Coca-Cola Company that Rise is not a viable solution for upgrading their eLearning courses. This is one of the big reasons they are opting for Elucidat in most cases. You definitely want this on your feature roadmap. I'm glad you're listening; keep us posted.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey folks! Thanks so much for sharing your need for audio to play automatically in Rise 360. Here’s an update on our plans for this feature. 

Web browsers are moving towards stricter auto-play policies in order to improve the user experience. We agree that requiring some kind of action from the user, such as clicking a button before playing audio, is the right approach to ensure a unified experience for all learners. To that end, we won’t be adding any auto-play features to Rise 360. However, we are looking at ways we may be able to provide narration features that don’t auto-play.