Narration in Rise

Mar 08, 2018

Is it possible narrate all text in a Rise course, similar what's possible in Studio and Storyline?  Or is audio restricted to certain content types (timeline, process, etc)?  Also, is it possible to have audio play continuously from the start of the presentation through the end, or does the play button have to be pushed for each audio snip?

Thanks in advance for assistance!

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Charlain Fondren

I understand Articulate's position on wanting to limit Autoplay to be more in line with current internet trends. 

I hope that the developers would at least consider making audio autoplay an option that the user could choose when they start a course.  Something similar to how Instagram does it now - autoplay on video is off by default, but if you click on audio for a video subsequent videos in your Instagram feed autoplay the audio until you click on the speaker icon to turn it off.  

Jeffrey Crump

Really surprised (and disappointed) to discover text-to-speech (TTS)---or it seems any audio--isn't in Rise.  Having responsive training is great but without basic accessibility features it loses value as an enterprise solution. And, no, building it in one platform (Studio) and then exporting it to another (Rise) isn't the answer --- the Rise course development UI and UX far exceeds that of Studio. So, +1 up vote to get this squared away in Rise.

Amanda Lara

I thought I would just chime in here as well on this topic.  According to the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, approximately 32 million adults in the United States can't read.

This is why it is a necessity to include voice-over/narration in any training material.  I am extremely hesitant to use Rise for course authoring until this requirement is foundational to the software.

A simple cost-benefit analysis to offer this feature would show it is a no brainer.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Patrick! Rise 360 doesn't have an audio editing tool. However, you don't need to re-record the narration. You can extract the original narration file from the published output, edit it in an audio editing tool, then import it back into the Rise 360 course. Here's how:

  • Export the course for Web.
  • Open the zipped output folder, and look for another folder called "assets."
  • Open the assets folder. There you'll find all the media files used in the course.
  • Locate the narration file (most likely an MP3 file), and copy it to your desktop for editing.
  • After editing the file, go back into the Rise 360 course and add the new narration file to the block. 

Let me know if that helps you!

Patrick Therrien

Great Found the folder and dragged the MP3 file to the desktop. Excuse my
ignorance but when I open the MP3 file, where do you go to edit it? I open
it up in media player and I don't see any options to edit the file.

FYI thank you so much for this assistance.

Patrick Therrien, 

Patrick Therrien

Thank, I will look into that. I just tried importing the file into
Storyline and using Storyline's editing tool and it worked. I was able to
fix the audio but when I exported back to the folder it didn't play when I
went back into Rise. Thanks again for all of your help.


Patrick Therrien

Hey, just an FYI, I noticed that when I exported the file from Storyline
back into the file and it didn't work, I looked again and noticed that
there was a "1" at the end of the name. I removed the "1" and now it
works. No Need for 3rd party softwareI just used the editing tool within

I would have never found that file without your assistance .

Thank you.


Matt Bell

So while I understand it is a web standard to allow the user to instigate audio or video play back. Wouldn't be acceptable to add an "opt in/ opt out" block to allow auto play through out the course?  Then it would still be user initiated but wouldn't require them to make the choice every time there is audio/video?

I have been researching other elearning web based software options and this seems to be the direction they are going.

Allene Gail

I respectfully disagree that having users click a button to hear audio (click-click-bling-bling) is a positive unified experience. Having audio play automatically would be. My company continues to consider Rise for elearning due to the fast turnaround time, but without audio, designers go elsewhere and spend much much more money and resources than necessary. No audio continues to be a hard sell to customers. Please reconsider the wave of requests!

Michelle M

Oh man....I was just having my first dabble in Rise and was getting very excited at the time it was going to save me on my current project. Then I started looking for the "add audio" features.... Unfortunately without  audio/narration features comparable to Storyline, Rise will see very limited use in our company. 

Katie Potter

Bumping this as it doesn't seem to have been discussed for a while - what's the timeline on this feature add team? Looking at the above, there's clearly client demand. Not only that but I can't believe noone's referenced ADA requirements for visually impaired learners to be able to access information! 

Aldrin Bagayana

Same situation here.  I presented a short sample course to my client which she loved and get excited about because of the fast turn around and responsiveness.  And then we started transferring content from her Powerpoint courses which she really liked more and more until we talked about inserting audio narration.  We both agree there should be an autoplay option for audios  (at least) in the course setting.  Now she is having second thoughts.