Narration in Rise

Mar 08, 2018

Is it possible narrate all text in a Rise course, similar what's possible in Studio and Storyline?  Or is audio restricted to certain content types (timeline, process, etc)?  Also, is it possible to have audio play continuously from the start of the presentation through the end, or does the play button have to be pushed for each audio snip?

Thanks in advance for assistance!

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Scott MacGregor

This is disappointing. Even beyond this being a nice to have feature, in Canada, organisations that receive government funding, will be required to meet AODA guidelines by 2025. Most private organisations are following suit. I would imagine this will drive people from using Rise, especially when there are really robust OER options emerging.

Chris Henderson

Just adding my voice to request that audio narration be made available in all content blocks. As another user indicated previously, Canada's AODA requirements are mandated for publicly funded institutions by 2025. This is pretty much the only reason we have not migrated the bulk of our eLearning content to Rise.