NEW IN RISE: Collapsing Sections

Jun 22, 2018

There’s a cool new feature in Rise that makes your courses even easier for learners to use: collapsing sections. Now learners can collapse and expand sections of the course outline in the sidebar to quickly see the structure of your course. Here’s how it looks:

NEW IN RISE: Collapsing Sections

We hope you’ll love this latest enhancement to the learner experience in Rise!


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Steve Blackwell

+1, a setting for this makes sense.

I realise Rise and Storyline are different products, but when you have a lot of learners completing their learning on mobile devices, the amount of scrolling is something I would like to reduce.

Sections give learners a great overview.  I've started looking at Rise for online guides also, so having minimised sections is ideal for navigation.

Having a setting gives everyone the best of both worlds.

You might even consider another one for the first being open with the rest closed as an additional setting :) so there are three possibilities.

Thanks for listening.