NEW IN RISE: Track course completion with a Storyline block

I’m excited to share the latest new feature in Rise: you can now track course completion with a Storyline block in Rise courses. It’s another great way we’ve made these two apps work together, giving you the best of both worlds: highly custom Storyline 360 interactions in responsive courses you build quickly in Rise.

This feature lets you customize how your Rise courses track completion in a learning management system (LMS). Now you can choose to track the completion of your Rise course in an LMS based on a trigger, quiz result, or number of slides viewed in your Storyline block.

Check out this quick video to see how it works:


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Anne-Victoire Senechaut

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry I should have specified, I was referring to the 'Track using Storyline block' option. I couldn't find a way to report on this in our LMS. That is why I've contacted our LMS provider to see what reporting options are available for us.

Also, I take this opportunity to suggest to have the option to use results from more that one Storyline block. This would be ideal.

At the moment, I'm working on an online course that contains three Storyline blocks. These blocks are surveys designed to check the technical skills of our new joiners to see whether or not they need additional IT training on Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc. These surveys are not a test, but a skills check. I know there is the option of having a 'Checkbox list' in Rise. Unfortunately, you cannot use results from this.

As an expert, would you have another alternative either in Rise, Storyline, or any other Articulate products?

Your help would be very much appreciated.



Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for clarifying and sharing a bit more detail about what you are working on Anne-Victoire :)

You can certainly track using a Storyline Block as you can see here.

Curious what kind of issue/concern you ran into regarding your LMS?

Within Storyline itself, you could set up a Result of Results Slides and then track using that if you wish. (See Step 2 here)

Anu Bector

I have added a Storyline Quiz interaction into a Rise course and am trying to move the user to the next block only if they pass the quiz. If the user had an unsuccessful attempt, will Rise and Storyline talk together to bring the user back to the beginning of the quiz, instead of going to the next Rise block?

Anu Bector

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for providing the detailed information, it was very helpful. I have used both the Continue block and completion tracking using the Quiz results to ensure the users don't skip through the Storyline Interaction.

Basically, I am designing a certification scenario where I want the user to be able to take the Storyline Quiz interaction again if they had an unsuccessful attempt. This is where, I need Rise and Storyline to talk together. If storyline results in "Fail attempt", the user should be directed back to the Storyline interaction block again.

Tracking completion using the pass results provides them completion when they pass the quiz but doesn't bring them back to the quiz when they have an unsuccessful attempt.

I will really appreciate if you can provide some insight to this situation.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anu,

Have you looked at enabling the "Retry" on the Storyline results slide? That would provide the user with an option to reattempt immediately upon failing the course. 

Another option would be to reset the course entirely from within the LMS, and that way the user could start the course over, review content and retake the assessment.

Those are the two options you'd have currently in Storyline/Rise - but perhaps others in the community have custom options they can share with you! 

LaVon Bowman

I have a course developed in Rise. I want to insert a Storyline block that features a drag and drop. Is there a tutorial for this? I have never tried this before. My drag and drop is all set up in Storyline 360. I changed the Player to modern, light. No menu items. Do I insert a submit button in the Storyline file? I need direction. When I publish what settings do I use? I really need a step by step this first time. Please help.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi again, LaVon! 

First, check out the tutorial I shared in your other posting right over here

And if you want to require learners to complete the Storyline Drag and Drop before moving on in the Rise course, check out this tutorial.  

We're always here to help, so give us a shout if you need a hand!

Stephen Lee

Just to confirm, does it make a difference what your Storyline block consists of? i.e. can it just be a blank Storyline screen, or does it need to be a scored interaction or quiz?

Our initial test resulted in tracking the Rise course by Storyline interaction not working and marking as Incomplete, but perhaps this is due to our LMS.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stephen,

You can have any type of content in the Storyline block -- it does not have to be a scored quiz. 

When you publish the Storyline content to Articulate 360, you'll want to select your preferred tracking option. You can choose slides viewed, quiz result, or complete course trigger, depending on whether you have included those in your content. 

Then, when you export the Rise course for LMS, you'll want to use the tracking option Track using Storyline block

Let me know if that helps you!

Stephen Lee

Thanks Alyssa. I tried tracking by Storyline block by slides viewed. Worked in Scorm Cloud, but not in our LMS so must be an issue with our LMS. My Rise course has one optional section so couldn't track by course completion as if user skips want to still give them Completion status without viewing 100% of content.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Danielle,

If you need to require learners to complete an entire course, you could do one of two things:

1. Set the completion tracking in Rise at 100% 

2. Use a Storyline block as your very last lesson, and you can track completion based on a quiz in Storyline or the completion trigger.

For #2, you'd also want to look at using the Restricted navigation option in Rise - that way they can't jump ahead to just that section. 

Graeme Foulds

Hi all.

I've just tried this for the first time now, publishing a Rise course that contains a Storyline block with a "Complete course" trigger as its tracking method (we just need to track who has completed the course - no pass mark or other quiz-type scoring results needed).

The result of my publishing the Rise course was receiving an email containing a button to download the course.  Clicking this generates a zip file containing a bunch of folders and files.  However, I have no idea how to use this zip file, as after unzipping it there is no clear and obvious way to launch the course from what is provided.

Please advise.


LaVon Bowman


Since you want to track the user I am assuming that when you "exported" the course you selected "LMS". This always produces a zipped file.

You do not open the zipped file. You send the zipped file to the LMS Administrator. That is all you need to do. That is what they need to publish your course for use on a LMS.

You can try it your self on SCORM Cloud.

I hope this helps.


Megan Rees

Hey Ashley,

Can you guestimate how much development time it took you in Rise vs. SL? I'm analyzing then making a pitch for which topics should use which tool *and* how in some cases using Rise will save us some time. If there's a thread about this somewhere, I'd love to know . . .

Allison LaMotte

Hi Megan,

Thanks for your question! It looks like you started another thread and were able to get some answers from the community - that’s great!

If you still want to explore some more ideas and thoughts around this I found a community thread about course development time using Storyline.

Also, here’s a cool article with some time-saving tips when working in Rise.

I hope this helps! Please reach out if you have any more questions.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Justin,

If you're concerned about how safe your confidential content is on our servers, I encourage you to check out our trust center. We understand how important data protection is and take security very seriously.

The only other option I can see would be to host your Storyline course on your own server and embed it using a URL embed block.