no mobile view on a smartphone via LMS

May 09, 2017

After i export the package and upload it into our LMS to a course i tried to view it with my phone. The course starts fine but it do not recognize that it is mobile phone and so i have the pc view at all. I tried it at a Samsung S7 and at a iPhone 7.

But on a PC if i shrink the window it will lay out the content to the mobile view but not at the phone.

Is there a solution? Maybe with an edit in the package itself?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marcel, 

When you shrink the window on your PC is that inside your LMS or the Preview/share link of Rise? Could you share a screen capture of how it appears on your mobile device and a link so that I could test the course too? 

If you're able to share the Rise export, I can also upload it to SCORM Cloud to test and see how it behaves in another LMS. 

Marcel Reinert

The preview-link from rise works fine on my mobile. Also when i start the course within our LMS on my PC and shrink the window it adapts to the screensize correctly. Only when i start the course in our academy over the smartphone it won't fit the content. It seems that the course (?) don't recognize the use of a smartphone. 

Here is the screenshot out of the smartphone when i start the course within our academy:

Can i sent you the rise link and the scorm outside the forum? Because now i have few more content in the course and some parts are not for the public. :)

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