Non-breaking spaces in Rise?

Jan 31, 2019

Hi. Is it possible to insert a non-breaking space into a lesson name (or elsewhere)?

I have a lesson whose name ends with "...Session 3". When viewing the course, the 3 wraps to the 2nd line in the contents pane on the left, as shown in the shot.

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Craig. Rise lesson titles don't currently support resizing, formatting of text, or the insertion of non-breaking spaces. You can share this need directly with our dev team through a feature request.  I'm sure they'd love to hear how your Rise experience could be improved with more editing control over lesson titles. 

John Maher

I'm trying this in regular text now, but it doesn't seem to be working when it seemed to work before. I work with a lot of French copy where French quotes begin and end with « double chevrons » that require a non-breaking space between the chevrons and the inner text, but it no longer seems to be working for me.

Georg Volmer
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Georg,

Are you seeing text break in the middle of a word in a labeled graphic marker? Can you share a screenshot of that marker? I'd love to get a closer look! 

Hi Alyssa, I'm seeing text break between german abbreviations (like z. B. and u. a.), where we would like to have a space but not a break.

I've tried Alt+0160, but it isn't working here.


Arith Hsu

Hi there,


My colleague just found an workaround.

Says if you expect "Abcd Efghi" to be presented in the same line, and since now the non-breaking space won't work. the workaround is to highlight the space character, and change the font style, for example, apply bold, or change color. Then there you go.

It's more like a bug's side effect that we did observer a wider space has been presented before / after the style change. It will looks something like below, visually, more like having a double space between le and module.

"Aprés avoir terminé le  module obligatoire « Introduction »,"

the only way to fix it would be to delete that space, and then add it back.

So, now use this weird behavior to set the space to be with different style can do the trick.

Lubomir Koprda

That's an excellent workaround! I just tried it and it works, so thanks!

All I did was change the font size of the space after « and before » by one and now it line breaks around it instead of in the middle of it.

Still very silly that we have to do this. Hope there's some plan to provide a long-term fix.

Joyce Maurin

Hi Arith,

Thank you very much for this workaround!

To keep the text adaptative, I replaced the space by a dash (-) and applied to this text the colour of the background. This way, the text wil lnver split, whichever size the screen will be.

Sadly, it won't work for titles.

This is not really enjoyable to work with workarounds for such basic needs. Moreover, I don't know how the screen-reader will interpret that.