Non-breaking spaces in Rise?

Jan 31, 2019

Hi. Is it possible to insert a non-breaking space into a lesson name (or elsewhere)?

I have a lesson whose name ends with "...Session 3". When viewing the course, the 3 wraps to the 2nd line in the contents pane on the left, as shown in the shot.

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Anders Carlsson

I found another workaround (based on Arith's suggestions). This works for me in Chrome:

  1. Right-click the paragraph where you want a no-breaking space. 
  2. Click Inspect to bring up the inspector in your browser. 
  3. Right-click the <p> tag that contains your text, then click Edit as HTML
  4. Replace the existing space with the HTML character code for no-breaking space, that is: &nbsp; 

This seems to work reliably and the no-breaking space is still there after I reload the page. 

I also noticed that if you add more than one space in your text, Rise replaced all but one of those spaces with no-breaking space. So even if HTML has built-in protection against double spaces, Articulate has worked hard to allow you to make those typos. 😁

Jakub Forejt

Hi, is there any update on this? In Czech language, typography rules don't allow single character 'words' at the end of the line. In HTML "&nbsp" entity inserted after the 'word' solves it. If we could get this at least in form of a button on the text edit context menu that would inject it as a hidden character, it would be awesome.

Carrie Ann Schouwstra

I am attempting all the workarounds suggested but this is making the use of Rise 360 inefficient because of the additional time needed for our translated courses. We need to translate every course into French and non-breaks are essential to translation. Making a comment to get alert when this is fixed.

Garry Francis

I see that it is nearly 4 years since this issue was raised and it still hasn't been fixed. I've tried inserting a non-breaking space using the Windows Character Map, the Alt+0160 keypad trick and copy and paste from a Word document with a non-breaking space. In all cases, Rise replaces it with a normal space. All you have to do to fix it is to stop Rise from messing about with a valid character. If anything, it should change it to an html &nbsp;

This is an essential feature in lots of text. I need it to insert non-breaking spaces between a number and its units, e.g. 150 m or 60 km/h. It looks really messy when the units wrap onto the next line.

Adam Ackerman

I was surprised to run into this problem today, and then to find this was first reported (5) Five Years ago.

How much longer than 5 years does the community have to wait for this? Is there any way to get this issue more attention, by virtue of how long it has been lingering? This seems like a very basic point of typography to somehow have avoided dealing with all this time.

I echo the concerns for Localization, but this is also important for Proper Nouns like Product Names, Company Names, things that one routinely encounters.

Thanks for any updates.