Open ended questions in Rise


I am considering Rise to build a Leadership training course. One of the requirements is to have fill-in-the-blank questions that are open ended i.e. there is no correct or incorrect answers defined. I tried keeping the Acceptable Answers field blank, but that did not work. Does anyone know if this is possible at all in Rise? That is, can users submit their answers (no word limit) without being told whether their responses are correct/incorrect?

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Mark Rash

I'm disappointed to find this is still not an option. It is quite common to ask learners reflection questions right inside the module without wanting to capture their responses or offer feedback. Removing the text label on the accepted responses is a start, but then it leaves the strange colon there. Please just give us the option for open-ended questions without feedback (or with the option to just provide general feedback, not correct/incorrect).

It's possible to embed a Storyline essay question, but then it can't be enforced in Rise. I want them to answer something even though I don't plan to grade or capture the response. Embedding a third party tool for this just isn't very streamlined.