Pass Storyline Quiz in order to continue in a Rise 360 Course

Jun 07, 2023

Hi all!

I have a rise360 course that requires a timed assessment so i have imported a storyline quiz. I need the quiz to be passed in order to continue in the course. I have set the Continue block to Complete Block Directly Above and published the rise course to LMS (Scorm 1.2) with Track using Storyline Block enabled.

However, the continue block becomes active when the quiz is failed.

Is it possible to require a pass on an imported Storyline quiz to Continue in a Rise course?


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Judy Nollet

As is, Rise enables the Continue button because the user finished the SL block (whether they passed or not). To ensure that the user passes the quiz, put a Completion trigger on the Success layer. That will only run when the user passes the quiz, and Rise will only enable the Continue button when the Completion trigger runs. 

Note: As I understand it, you need a completion trigger in an SL block for the program to use it for tracking. 

Bard Ovenden

Hi Judy,

Many thanks for your reply!

I have a Completion trigger on the Success layer of the SL quiz. This is triggered with a pass score set. I am publishing to Rise 360 with multiple tracking options Complete Quiz and Trigger.

Could it be that i need to publish to LMS in a format other than Scorm1.2?

Again many thanks!

Judy Nollet

For a Rise course, the tracking option isn't set in SL. It's set in Rise. That's true even if the Rise course has a Storyline block with a completion trigger. 

I see your original post said you "imported a storyline quiz." I assumed you meant that you inserted a Storyline block, which is one of the Interactive blocks. To do that, you publish the SL to Review 360, and then select that content when editing the block in Rise. (If you update the SL, you have to republish it, and then re-select it in the block in Rise.)

When your Rise course is ready, publish it for your LMS. Note that Rise only allows one tracking option. In this case, you'd need to track via the completion trigger in the SL block that has the quiz.

Talk with your LMS folks about which SCORM settings you should use.