PDF filename changes when downloading from Rise

Aug 17, 2017

Hi there,

We have noticed that when downloading a pdf document (from the pdf multimedia block) the filename of the downloaded document is different than the filename of the document when it is in Rise.  See attachment for screenshots.  Is this supposed to happen?  If so, what is the rationale in changing the filename?  We would really appreciate it, if someone can shed some light on this for us.  Thank in advance and have a wonderful day!

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Piero Carra

Just an update of my previous message.

If there is any technical reason to add characters to the pdf file names during Rise 360 export activity (of course, I suppose there is a reason) , why do not declare and explain it clearly and why Storyline360 does NOT change the pdf file names? 

What is different downloading a pdf file included in a Rise courses versus a pdf included in Storyline courses that push Articulate to change the name's file exporting Rise? 

Thanks for answering!

Polly Lindley

Hi, yes we have this issue too. It means that the multimedia download block is almost unusable because we can't have our learners download files with such un user-friendly names! They think it is an error. We have been using Amazon Web Services and adding download links to get around it but it would be great if we could do this natively in Rise. It may be that there is a technical reason why it can't be done, but just adding this here to let you know that we'd love a fix too! Thanks