pop-up (or tooltip) in Rise

Jan 16, 2018

Hello, is there a way to insert a pop-up or a tooltip in Rise block? It would be a really useful feature to insert "nice to know information" which is not essential and readers can decide not to open.


Thank you!

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Paul Tottle

I've just put in a feature request. I could sure do with this feature. Something that fits in with the surrounding text and images. Accordion is a visual feature in itself.

Feature request: "I need a low key interactive way of including definitions. So if someone mouse overs or clicks they can see the definition. The best I can do is use the accordion, however that is far too dominant in terms of the surrounding graphics. For example, a thinner version of the accordion with non-bold text, or tooltip label that triggers on mouse over."

Paul Tottle

I have another project that so needs this. We have two official languages. I'd like to add translation to certain words that would make it so much easier for participants. But I'll have to use a glossary lesson that interrupts the flow of the learning.

Even if this was limited to one or two lines of text, it would be so helpful.

Sara Nevedal

HI Gerry, Not perfect (It would be nice to be able to make these notes right in the text to define certain words/acronyms easily.) But it's a lot better than my work-around and could work as a footnote/sidenote. I could also see creating a small logo/graphic that is repeated whenever there is a "Pro Tip" or even something that is just for the very very interested. Anyhow, thank you for your creativity! -Sara (NC)