pop-up (or tooltip) in Rise

Jan 16, 2018

Hello, is there a way to insert a pop-up or a tooltip in Rise block? It would be a really useful feature to insert "nice to know information" which is not essential and readers can decide not to open.


Thank you!

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Phil Robinson

I just need to jump on the band wagon as this has become an issue with one of our clients. They also would like to be able to see a text pop-up when mousing, or clicking, on a glossary term. 

Gerry, I like your workaround. We did something similar in SL and used an SL block. Our client has two issues:

1. They want the learner to receive a quick definition without navigating away from the content to get it.

2. They have seen how markers behave and want that same effect.

This puts everyone on this thread in a bad spot. You never want to tell a client "The app doesn't support this functionality." They will return with "Maybe you picked the wrong app." I would hate to have to redesign these lessons just so I can use layers for a glossary pop-up definition. 

Is telling us that it's on the road map for several years the best we can do? If it is truly on the road map, I would think that Articulate could at least tell its users "We anticipate Q1 next year or Q4 this year" Give us some kind of hope. I have seen "It's on our road map" spouted off for four plus years on some topics. You would be better off saying nothing then to come back with that.

JC Blanchard

I have been wishing (dreaming) for this feature since day 1 of using Rise. I often work on very technical courses and this feature would be very useful to show definitions of important or difficult words in the lesson, so the student wouldn't have to jump back and forth between areas of content. Here is an example of what I need, very simple.

I can replicate this in a Storyline block. See my example here:  https://rise.articulate.com/share/N0NjXRz9cBfW2jL5AXdwHWtO1BWyRgPo

But then it’s not possible to incorporate it seemlessly with the rest of the text, because of the ridiculously large Storyline block padding that is not possible to change (another request of mine). Also, it takes a lot of fiddling around to get the right size, color and position of text in order to match the rest of the content.

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Yvette! No updates yet. We'll update this thread once we make changes that will help!

This seems to be a canned/bland response for something many people have on a wish list already for 4 years. Please look at getting some better response of a time frame. As a developer myself, I know  that this bit of JS is not a difficult item to tackle on adding to the next release.

Kayleigh Saum

Hi all! I also think it would be very useful to be able to include tooltips in Rise. If they could hover but could also be accessed without the use of hovering with a mouse if needed (like with a keyboard instead), that'd be ideal! I can think of a few workarounds and I see some ideas here, but it'd be nice and much simpler to have the feature built-in. Thank you!