Printing PDF from Rise?

Nov 16, 2016

Hi everyone, 

I am head over heals in love with Rise. There's only one issue and I fear I know the what the answers will be to my question. 

Our student surveys have come back saying they want print functionality in their online courses (yes frustrating I know). We're on the very verge of investing in Articulate 360, I have been given 1 week to find a workaround for converting the content of Rise to a printable version that isn't a copy and paste job. 

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I appreciate any help that comes my way :) 


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Elizabeth Everingham Miller

Thanks but neither of those things are working. I've tried a bunch of plugins and tried to create one from a website using Acrobat to no avail. I either get errors or I only get the part of the page that is in focus. We can create word doc PDF's from our planning documents but it feels like we're double working. 

We can get the print functionality in a product called easy generator but I'm still trying to steer my manager towards Rise as it is so simple to use and presents so well. Does anyone know if this kind of thing is on the road map for development? If I can tell her it's on the way maybe I can talk her around? 

Cory Warshawsky

I agree with Elizabeth. The ability to print out the course material rapidly would be a win for a number of reasons I can think of. 


From my selfish need, my proofing team prefers to print assets, review and then provide proofing markups on those printouts. The marked up versions are then scanned and emailed back to the original curriculum designer.

So either the content has to created first within a Word and manually copied into Rise, or manually copied and pasted from the Rise tutorial back into a Word doc. 

I've also tried printing the webpage as a PDF which I thought would be an excellent solution. I run into issues however with printing some of the interactive elements as some text is hidden within tabs/flash cards/etc. 

Cory Warshawsky

Hey Ashley! Thanks for the idea. I'm have not played with A.Review yet so I'm not sure. However, it if lets you easily print the course content without missing anything "hidden within" those interactive elements...YES!  : )

My need comes just from that proofing perspective (content review, spelling, grammar, etc.), versus Elizabeth that needs something that is more formalized, polished print/pdf that can be distributed to learners.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cory! 

Review would allow you to do all this online - so no need to print. It's available for Storyline and Studio 360 today, and we hope to have it rolled out to Rise in the coming months. 

I totally understand wanting to proof on a printed copy - I'm the same way. But I've found that with an interactive course, it's always good to see how it's going to behave and that's something that a printed copy can't offer. 

Perhaps you could combine printing a PDF web copy with Review when it's available and then your reviewers would have both options? 

Britney Osbern

 I'm a RISE user and my team has a subscription - LOVE it.  

Having a copy to print and proof is important - I took screenshots,  put them in a word doc and sent that to my editor.  That took so much time :(.   The review feature connected to the RISE course would help.  

But, what about printing all lessons to PDF?  Below are two scenarios I'm struggling through right now that make a case for adding printing to PDF important. 

  1. The end user needs the ability to print to pdf. I'm using RISE to curate learning and create activities to be completed prior to class. Blended learning- that's what we're going for.  RISE is perfect for creating asynchronous training. Many times, we ask participants to bring the content to class with them - many activities in the workshop build upon the foundational knowledge and comprehension curated in RISE.  Learning becomes stickier through spaced repetition. Reviewing the content in class for those learners who are more comfortable with hard copies would be wonderful.  This would save my team time printing materials because we'd provide the learners with the opportunity to do so before class, instead of assuming everyone prefers hard copies. 
  2. If we create our own workbook with the same content that's in RISE, convert to PDF and post this workbook becomes one additional asset we must update.  This takes time.   So, if I can print a lesson or the entire course that mimics what the web page looks like that would be a win. 


Below is a screenshot that has the type of print functionality I'm looking for.  The person can choose to print the course and review a hard copy.  They can also print a single lesson. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kim,

I know a few folks have requested a printable copy of their Rise course (i.e. generating a PDF or Word copy that they could print). It's something our team is looking into as a new feature, so we'll keep you posted here if/when it becomes available! 

Thanks for reaching out, and please let us know what else you need as you create courses in Rise! 

Tammy Tucker

I'm developing courses in Rise and have had the best experience working with Articulate! Customer service, the community, the ability to participate in the continual innovation - it's unparalleled! A printable copy is a must for out needs. I develop courses for the government and we are required to have a watermarked PDF in our data base for auditing purposes. Using a cloud based application where the file is stored else where is already stretching our boundaries ;) Not having the ability to have a PDF copy on-hand would be a show stopper. Also, one major feature that would be a valuable addition is the ability to print a PDF copy without the quizzes or assessments - just the course content.

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