Printing PDF from Rise?

Nov 16, 2016

Hi everyone, 

I am head over heals in love with Rise. There's only one issue and I fear I know the what the answers will be to my question. 

Our student surveys have come back saying they want print functionality in their online courses (yes frustrating I know). We're on the very verge of investing in Articulate 360, I have been given 1 week to find a workaround for converting the content of Rise to a printable version that isn't a copy and paste job. 

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I appreciate any help that comes my way :) 


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Tammy Tucker

It has been over a year since this feature request was brought to the attention of staff (see additional threads). Several users have passionately submitted their feedback to impart that this is a necessity. It's an absolute must! I am currently sitting on two courses that I need to have approved/archived and cannot print a copy of the course. It is not an effective use of time, or a professional standard, to take screenshots of courses. Printing a copy of any document is the industry standard and for those of us that work in regulated industries it is required. I am a huge advocate for Articulate because you have always provided the best customer service and products. However, this is ridiculous! We need the print function or the program is not fully functional. Like many others, I'm getting tired of the lip service. The big selling point of Rise is that it's "fully responsive". Does it seem logical that you can view the course on any platform, but you can't print it? When is the print to PDF function going to be AVAILABLE?

Mike Olivieri

Hi everyone,

We know how important exporting courses to PDF is to you and are disappointed we’ve had to keep you waiting. We have our top developers working on this feature and expect it to ship in April.

Here's a little background on why this has been such a challenging feature to get right: While Rise courses look great across all screen sizes, there are some unique challenges to making them look great in printed form while maintaining the integrity of your course content. For example, if you create a labeled graphic, printing out just the initial state of the lesson isn’t valuable. You need a printed version of the labeled graphic with each marker open so you can see the content in context with the graphic. In order to accomplish this, we’ve had to build a new way to display the interaction for print. And we’ve gone through each interaction in Rise to make sure we’re getting it right.

We know it has taken us longer than expected to deliver this feature, but we're feeling confident that you'll be happy with the result. We’re excited to hear your feedback when we ship next month.

Jennifer Gayapersad


I've been asked to find out if there is a journalling function within Rise. What they want is for the students to contemplate various scenarios and to then comment on them throughout the course. Once they are happy/finished making their observations they then would need to be able to print them out. The journal needs to be able to be accessed multiple times and to store previously added comments.

I hope you can help


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