Printing PDF from Rise?

Nov 16, 2016

Hi everyone, 

I am head over heals in love with Rise. There's only one issue and I fear I know the what the answers will be to my question. 

Our student surveys have come back saying they want print functionality in their online courses (yes frustrating I know). We're on the very verge of investing in Articulate 360, I have been given 1 week to find a workaround for converting the content of Rise to a printable version that isn't a copy and paste job. 

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I appreciate any help that comes my way :) 


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Kaono Lindsey

Looking to print a quiz results page only to verify that user successfully finished the Rise course. Rather then printing out the entire Rise course in pdf, is it possible just to print a page? I know that one could print a specific page in PDF, but Iʻm looking to save them a few steps and just print a results page. Any suggestions on how this can be done?


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