Quiz reporting problem ?

Nov 14, 2017


I have a problem with the reporting from the quiz.

We have a course that finish with a quiz and we export the course in our Moodle 3.1 with "complete the quiz" and reporting "passed/failed".

When i test the SCORM with my account and 2 others accounts as learner, my course is complete with 100% progression and 88% for the quiz (passing score : 80).


But for some reason, some of our learners tells they can't complete the course and reach their achievment on Moodle.


For example, we have one who show us his quiz :

Progression with quiz

He complete the course, nothing seems wrong but his SCORM activy is not complete after he leaves the course.

So with curiosity I enter in his account, click on the RISE course and I see this :

Progression incomplete ?

88% in the progression and no quiz complete.

I don't understand why his progression has stepbacked since when I look with the 3 accounts I used to testing, my progression hasn't changed : 100% progression and the course show me the quiz result.


So why some of our users (5 complaints for now) have this problem where the Rise course stepback whereas others like me have no problem to reach the achievement activity on Moodle ?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maria,

Thanks for reaching out. We do try to keep you up to date on solutions when they would fit the majority of users, but in taking a look at the cases filed here they are course specific.

That being said, I'd like to ask a few questions:

  • What is the issue that you are experiencing?
  • Does it occur in SCORM Cloud as well as in your LMS?

If you'd like to work directly with our support team, you can certainly do so here.

Elena Tagliati

Hi, I am having the same problem for  my Rise course in Totara, I had a couple of cases like that: two learners start the course, then interrupt and resume at the correct point (bookmarking was correct)

They finish the course and the quiz, passing it (84% score and passing is 80% in one case, just 2 questions done in the other case), but the activity is not marked complete and if the quiz/course get closed, when they enter again the course the bookmarking is still at the point the first time they had left. As if this has been kept in memory and not registered the new progress. 

My Rise course has been exported:

- Scorm 1.2

- tracking on quiz passed/failed

- unlimited attempts

- LMS: totara

From other posts on suspend data we tried to see if exporting in scorm 2004 last edition could solve the issue, but actually moodle/totara support scorm1.2 so it was no use.




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