Right to left language In Rise

Nov 17, 2016


I am developing courses in Arabic Language. I just started using Articulate 360. I tried to add content using Rise. I could add Arabic text, but I faced many issues.

  1. Numbering and bullet list come left the text. As Arabic is a right-to-left language, it should be right.
  2. Text alignment also is left to right
  3. Navigation Bar is left
  4. No Arabic fonts available, I could only use the default one.

Could anyone help me solve the problem?



Sheikh Maawiya

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Renz Sevilla

Hi All!

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know this is important to you. We don’t have an update for this right now.

In the time since this discussion was first posted, we changed course on right-to-left support. our focus is always to deliver features that will have the biggest impact on the majority of customers.

We’ll let you know if r-t-l language support is on the horizon!

Dorrien Venables

I'm also voting to have this on the roadmap as soon as possible, to say that our focus is always to deliver features that will have the biggest impact on the majority of customers is strange, considering the size of the market in the Middle East and the number of clients that require this functionality.

Tracy Carroll

I also need the RTL language support for many clients who need their courses translated to multiple languages. Storyline just isn't right for every course.

One reason you might not think it's particularly important to users is that they may have given up asking for it. If after 5 years it's not even on the horizon, that's very discouraging!

Dominik Ginthier

Dear All,

as this feature request is now more than 6 years old, I wanted to check in if there are any updates? Still a very important topic for us (my first comment here is from 2018).

We are still using workarounds to be able to translate Rise courses into Arabic and Hebrew. They work, but they are not great.

Thank you.


Saul Jacobs

Hi Dominik

We have developed a post-publishing tool to localize all Rise content, menu, navigation etc, to support Right to Left languages. It allows you to enter all content in Hebrew/Arabic and then literally with one click it publishes the RTL version. You can email me for further details saul@ilearn-group.com