Rise - adding popup text box

Feb 06, 2018

Is there a feature in Rise to add a popup text box? I would like the ability to click on text to provide further information to users. Does Rise have that capability? 

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Jewels Dymond

I make pop up texts in storyline, but I haven't found a way to do this in Rise yet. If you must have a pop up, you can create a slide in storyline, and import into rise.

It is important to have a pop up text option in Rise, as definitions from the facilitator is extremely important to most courses. I would be thrilled if there was one.

To make a pop up text in storyline is fairly easy,

1. I create separate text box, and place it in the actual sentence by using the space bar on my keyboard and make room for it to be placed in the sentence. And set it in place.

2. I put a magnifier icon just above the blue word (under insert an icon and search for a magnifier) and create another text box, and name it pop up box and place in my definition in the pop up box.

3. Then I highlight that text in blue, and set a marker for the definition box to change from hidden to normal when the user clicks on the blue word, and do the same for the magnifier icon.

5. And then create another trigger to set it to hidden, when the user clicks outside of the blue word and magnifier. 

This way the actual word is what you can click to see a definition.

Or you can just use the insert a marker, but if you actually need the pop up to come from clicking on the word, than follow above.

A project that I am working on, my SME wants a huge list of pop ups over the text, and they want it built in Rise as it is just so interactive and an eye candy to learners. But I think I will have to create those slides in storyline, create the pop ups, and then import it into Rise. It's not going to look nice as you can tell it's a slide and you have play it, as opposed to just scrolling down a page of text and while you hoover the text boxes will pop up with definitions.

I am still trying to figure out if there is way and I'll pop back here and let you know if you can find anything. Even if we could just make a button to click call definition maybe in Rise, and create a separate page to link it to with the definition on it. The only thing about that is I can't figure out how to hide that page from the general course menu. It doesn't seem like you can. 

Maybe articulate could just try to get the insert marker feature in Rise and we could just use that.

If anyone else figures it out I hope that you post it here.


Jewels Dymond

If you create your pop up text in storyline, suggested methods above, and you import it into Rise, it does look nice if you change the background. Under PLAYER settings on the top menu bar, I set mine to classic, and then next it, for Colors, I choose the LIGHT. When you import that page into Rise, the user can read and click and the popups will work fine. You can also shut off the controls on the bottom of the slide as you won't need them and it makes the document look nicer.

It is an simple solution, as Rise doesn't have this feature yet.

Once you take away the black background on your storyline page, it is hardly noticeable that it is a storyline import into Rise. 

Ontario Ministry of Education

Really looking forward to this feature. It would be great to be able to link to new vocabulary terms within a regular paragraph for those who are thinking, "What does that word mean again?" With a popup, they wouldn't have to navigate away from the stream of learning.

Similarly, it would also be great to have some sort of formal glossary system as well, but that's a separate idea. 

Rebecca Kennedy

I have to say that while I love the ease of use for Rise, I have never worked on a platform that has changed so little over the course of multiple years and seems to have so few enhancements planned on the feature roadmap despite request after request for the same basic features. It's kind of disappointing but we work with what we're given ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Adding another +1 for this feature or an HTML editor that will allow it.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Patrick. We don't have plans in the near term to add a pop-up/tooltip feature for text in Rise 360. For now, you'll want to use a workaround like the ones listed above.

You're doing the right thing for feature requests -- We take into consideration all the activity in our E-Learning Heroes product forums around a particular request and use it to help prioritize additions to our roadmap. We'll update each discussion if we release a feature that will help!

Selma Dorrestein

+1 on this feature.

Unfortunately, using the workaround is a no-go for me. The storyline-block will have to load or be clicked and users are unable to select/copy text, which is needed for my project. Shame it's not on the roadmap, it seems like not to tough a feature and would add instant interactivity to otherwise static text blocks.