Rise blank screen issue

Feb 26, 2018

Hi All,
I have a client who is having an issue when re-visiting a Rise course. It works perfectly and as expected when testing in SCORM cloud.

Oddly the course launches fine but on re-visit they just get a blank screen.

One of the difficulties is that I don’t have any access to the system to see what is happening in real time to further debug.

My only real course of action was to get a bit more system specific details to see if anything here would be an issue, they have come back with the following:

LMS: Kallidus Version 10.1.12
Tested on desktop PC running Windows 7
Browser: IE 11
Pop-Up Blocker: Off

Version of JavaScript: Version 8

This all looks fine and in line with the Rise browser compatibility specs.

Since this runs all fine in SCORM cloud I’m at a bit of a loss as to what the issue could be. Has anyone had any similar issues and any resolutions? Or areas for the client to look into further their side of things?


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Chris! If this is happening on a brand new course that didn't overwrite the spot of an old course, could you please share a copy of this file with us?

Please note the exact browser version numbers where this is happening for your colleagues. You can submit the published Rise course files here.

David Lockett

Hi Chris, if Kallidus v10.1.12 is also known as Classic, then it's the same issue as we had. We are currently using Kallidus Classic (sorry only know it as this rather than the version number). 

This took a long time to solve and was found after much testing by Kallidus. For us it turned out that the problem was caused after Articulate made a change to the Scorm driver file in a previous Rise update (which I think was around November 2020). Kallidus couldn't handle the change (where a course was published as 1.2 but was being detected as 2004) and therefore anything that was packaged with the new driver would return a blank screen on second launch. The fix was to simply find an old Rise course (pre-Nov update) copy out the scorm driver and use this in any new packaged content. It is a complete pain having to swap out the scorm driver every time we create or update some Rise content, but we don't have the issue any more.

It might be worth looking in to. My previous thread on this is https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/rise-blank-screen-issue?page=2#reply-725609

Jacqueline Cardenas

I opened a case, but didn't really get a resolution.  The best we could do was to delete the user's previous SCORM attempts, and that seemed to resolve it.  Most of the people who experienced the issue had not started the module due to the blank screen issue, so deleting their attempts was not a huge deal.

L Pyska

Hello Renz,

I've been following this thread and it looks like no one from Articulate has responded in a while, hence I'm replying directly to you. I  just loaded a new RISE module to our LMS (Successfactors) in hopes that this issue had been fixed, and just like the others,  it opens to a blank screen. Can you recommend specific settings, etc. for using Chrome to run the modules. If not, is there an easy way to convert RISE to Storyline or another elearning platform? Thank you for any help that you can provide.


Leonie Lawson

I'd just like to add our vote for Articulate to prioritise this to find a permanent fix within the drivers. 

I see that there is a recent update where you can 'reset learner progress' when republishing in the export settings. The info on the Articulate website states:

Note: If you delete a lesson in your course, then update the course in your LMS, some learners might see a blank page. If this happens, select More settings and click the Reset Learner Progress option when you export your course. Then, when learners launch the newly updated course in your LMS, their progress will be reset. Their quiz data will be retained.
This isn't a brilliant fix as completion progress is lost, but at least they can access the lesson. 
David Lennon

I'm currently experiencing this exact problem, I have a rise module that I have updated, loaded back on to the LMS and users who have never completed the module before now get a grey screen. I can't replicate the problem, I've tried on multiple devices and browsers and it works every time for me. I have about 4000 people that have done the module and it worked fine, until I uploaded a new version with some edits, nothing else changed with it. 

This is getting very frustrating in trying to manage and solve a problem that shouldn't be a problem.

Are there any other solutions for this, I am working remotely and my users are spread across europe so supporting them is getting quite difficult.

Hazel Bartolome

Hi David! Sorry to hear you are experiencing this.

Some learners would see a blank page upon resuming a course you've updated in your LMS. You can choose to reset learner progress when they launch a course. Click here for more information.

If that still doesn't work please open a case with us here

Tom White

We are receiving queries from customers that are experiencing the blank screen when the revisit the course.
Reading the thread the issue seems to with the SCORM driver, can I please ask for the best solution for this while the fix the drivers is being investigated. 

May we ask is there a time frame for when a fix will be released.