Rise and adding Audio

Nov 10, 2016

I'm playing around in Rise and I cannot see a way to add audio. Is this not possible? Currently I'm looking at an Image and text, but I would want to add audio to almost anything. This would be highly disappointing.

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Jeff Forrer

Assuming that this is referring to my need.  I want to add Audio to the Labeled Graphic when you get there, not to the markers, but to the page itself.  This is needed to read the intro text that appears when you get there.  Is there a way to do this?  Right now I am going to have to add a block ahead of that lesson with just the audio and text separate from the Labeled Graphic, or create it in Storyline and bring it in as a block.  Thanks for any help, explanation.  

Maybe I am just missing where to add this audio at the beginning of a Labeled Graphic? Thx

Allen Williams

Can I please request a feature where we can add audio to any area that has text inside Rise?

This request is made to enable us as teachers to explain the content and add additional explanation to further explain the written content and put it into context if needed.

For example in accordions or tabs there would be a play button for students who have an auditory learning style instead of reading, where they can listen to the text being read to them and follow along.

Inside our LMS (Moodle), besides audio buttons from trainers, we also use Read Speaker technology that reads the text as it highlights it: https://www.readspeaker.com/ 

Audio does not need to be auto, but is definitely needed to accommodate additional learning styles and learning impairments.

Storyline does this well, but is heavy on development time and I think this addition would greatly add value to Rise to allow it to become a superior learning experience for our students.

The current audio buttons are good, but audio also needs to be played from inside text areas, such as accordions, tabs etc to keep it relevant to the text being displayed.

I can see that this issue has been raised for sometime now.. As a teacher of adults, I only see this as adding value. At the moment Rise is missing this important feature.

Happy to pay more for storage if needed.

I have submitted a feature request.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kimberly!

That sounds like a really cool interaction! Since you need to use audio, perhaps the Flashcards interaction isn't the best choice.

I wonder if you could build this interaction in a Blocks lesson using Audio blocks and Continue buttons? Here's a sample I put together for you. Do you think that setup would work for what you're looking to do? 

John Haggard

Add me to the list of people that would love this feature.  I would prefer to have both options of auto play, and non-auto play.  

Several people in our organization speak english as a second language.  Reading can be tough, but having someone narrate that content is extremely helpful to them understanding the important information.  I love this option in Storyline.  I LOVE Rise, but would use it more if it had this feature.

Thanks for considering.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kandice,

We recommend recording narration directly in Rise or importing high-quality audio files. Rise will take care of optimizing them for broadcasting without sacrificing sound quality.

The maximum file size for each audio clip you upload to Rise is 5 GB.

Mac Users: Safari doesn’t support audio recording. Use Google Chrome or Firefox when you need to record narration in Rise.

You can add audio as a block and to some of your interactive content like the Process interaction, labeled graphic or timeline. You'll see in each of those when you go to add the individual items such as a marker in a labeled graphic that they also have the option to include media or embed audio. As far as narration and auto-play, check out Adam's comments here.

Jeff Forrer

Adding on to this subject.  I believe this has been discussed, but is the plan to be able to add audio to any part of Rise?  For example, the Accordion interaction is great, however it would be even better to add audio to each section.  Currently here and with other interactions, you can add video, but not audio.  Now I can make a mp4 from a mp3 as only audio, but it still shows a video window and I can't customize or make smaller that video window, so that alternate solution is not ideal.  Ideally it would be great to be able to add audio to any object.  Thanks!

Marla Hartung

Question about the accordion interaction. I do not see a way to add audio. I understand that I can add a block before of after the accordion. However, I have seven parts to the accordion and would like to have audio for each of the seven parts play when the learner clicks it. Is it possible to do this?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marla,

Within the Accordion interaction, you can upload an image or video file, or embed something from the web. There isn't an audio option, but I do know some folks have looked at converting an MP3 file to a video type such as MP4 and you could add that into the Accordion block. 

Hope that helps! 

Natasha Olivero

Hi Ashley, I am currently using Rise for the first time and indicating listeners to either listen to the audio or to read along without it. If they choose the option to read along with the audio, the audio cuts off when the reader opens the accordion blocks or tab interactions. I truly wish that the audio can continuously play - this way the learner does not need to fumble around and the designer does not need to think outside of the box  - which Im currently doing lol.

Since the accordian/tabs only uses video or images, I'm trying to see if I can export a .mp4 in a small size so that it does not pop up much on the boxes and the listener can play it along if they wish to hear the audio - however, RISE seems to have a specific player for any video updated. 

My alternative solution is to attempt and create something within storyline 360 resembling close to the accordions. However, that is more timing. It would be truly great to allow audio to not be uninterupted as interactions occur OR to have audio within interactions including the accordion/tabs. Thank you!

Natasha Olivero

Hi so I actually created an accordian scene within Storyline 360 and uploaded unto Rise. However when I do, a grey screen and a play button comes up. It will be very confusing for the learner to continuously use the play button just to partake in an interactive moment. 

Is there a way that I can take out the grey box and player button from the storyline feature on Rise and have the scene automatically pop up for the learner?

Allison LaMotte

Hi Natasha,

Thanks for sharing your feedback about how you'd like the audio blocks to work here on E-Learning Heroes! Would you be up for logging a feature request to tell us more about your specific needs?

To answer your second question about the play button appearing on the Storyline block, there's no way to get rid of that. Here's why it works that way:

Some modern browsers, like Safari and Chrome now block autoplay audio and video. This keeps Storyline 360 content from playing automatically.

Since we can't change browser settings (if only we had that kind of power!), learners are presented with the playback button so they can view Storyline 360 content regardless of browser restrictions.

I hope that makes sense! Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

Natasha Olivero

Hi Allison,

I found a work around for the blocks to play with audio from SL when it is viewed in the desktop without having the play button pop up!

However, it does not work for phones - the play button automatically pops up - so I will still log a feature request.

So..... my current elearning is primarily intended for iphone use BUT - if anyone would like to trick the system on a desktop version and use audio and the accordion menu arise - see attached!

The trick is to put a semi-second blank dummy slide (1st slide) within storylne that automatically plays leading to the second slide (accordion menu). Without this dummy slide - the play button will pop up on the browser. So far I tested it on safari and Chrome and works well. Just upload on Review 360 and insert it within your Rise template. The player must be completely white and the background color of rise for the element section must be white. When you do so - you will get a nice looking interactive menu. See both attachments below.

Again - This is for those who which to have audio play along with the accordion interactive menu on Rise 360 Desktop version only. I have attached the .story file for anyone to use.

Hope this helps!!