Rise and adding Audio

Nov 10, 2016

I'm playing around in Rise and I cannot see a way to add audio. Is this not possible? Currently I'm looking at an Image and text, but I would want to add audio to almost anything. This would be highly disappointing.

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Cultural Orientation  Resource Exchange

6 years of people asking for audio to be added inside of paragraph or other text blocks. Six years of Rise staff saying "we're tracking this request", with no improvement of the features.  This is really sad.  

Having a separate audio file multimedia block works, but then you need to also make sure the user realizes that audio belongs to the paragraph below or the paragraph above.  

There's no audio inside of the knowledge check questions, so you need to again, locate the audio above or below.  And then there's feedback inside of the question, with no audio option.  

If the timeline and process blocks can easily have audio nested inside of them, the paragraph blocks and other text blocks should be able to have this option as well.  

cinzia  SANGALLI

Hello , my question is very simple , but somehow I cant find the answer . In Ariticulate rise can i add a button for on /off  in each module , so that the reader can decide it they want to listen to the script or not listen to the script and read it themselves.

I would appreciate if it cannot be done , if someone can explain to me what is available now on Rise 360 

many thanks