Rise and adding Audio

Nov 10, 2016

I'm playing around in Rise and I cannot see a way to add audio. Is this not possible? Currently I'm looking at an Image and text, but I would want to add audio to almost anything. This would be highly disappointing.

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Ryan Govreau

Hi Alyssa, can you explain the process for how you built out this sample? (clicking the button to show the audio block - keeping it all on the same page). Thanks.

Sample - https://rise.articulate.com/share/_MZtTeIE1ah4TIzBC1q59Qpwit4ZSjXp#/lessons/vwCZLfcnWx3BfFluzfRvofMdhEMTG_jW


Alyssa Gomez

Sure, Ryan! Here's the list of blocks I used in that lesson.

  1. Paragraph with heading block
  2. Continue block (completion type: none)
  3. Audio block
  4. Continue block (completion type: complete block directly above)
  5. Paragraph with heading block
  6. Continue block (completion type: none)
  7. Audio block

Let me know if that helps! 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rhoda. Thanks for adding your voice. We don't have immediate plans to add audio to additional blocks, but we are monitoring these discussions and tagging them to be updated if we release a change that will help. Here's our release history for Rise 360 so far!

After years of requests for this, Articulate is just saying "Too bad!" ? I developed a course in Rise, and just assumed we could add audio, like any other eLearning authoring tool. Now I may have just wasted my time, because Rise and it's developers couldn't be bothered to add this feature?

This really is a BASIC request, have audio automatically play. If a device doesn't support it, so be it. It should still be a feature. You would think YEARS of the same request would get through to Articulate.

Charles Osburn

I would respectfully disagree. When I performed an ethnographic observation of mobile learning habits, I discovered that many people are now habituated toward the youtube paradigm where scenes of audio-video play automatically. Swiping to a new section with audio starting at the same time is closer to the consumption habits of other types of media.