Rise - change size of headers and lesson titles

May 10, 2018

When bulding courses in Rise I've noticed that it's impossible to change size of the header space (top marigin) or font size of the lesson's title. What I woud like to do is to get rid of all the empty space between the title and the first block of content. In the attached phot I marked the areas that I want to be able to edit. The final goal is to avoid scrolling down the page when I insert a Storyline block to Rise or just any other block of content or interactivity. I already turned off Previous and Next buttons from navigation and removed all padding from content blocks but it's still not enough. Does Articulate360 team consider adding such functions for editing marigins? Thank you

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Sara Scott

ok, so I do this (be searching "lesson-header{padding-bottom:4.5rem" in notepad (I know, boo, but I am in no way a coder)

open the Lib folder
open main.bundle.css
edit line 58: ...... {.lesson-header{padding-bottom:4.5rem}}


I change it to 1.5

then save the CSS file and reopen index.html, and the change doesnt apply :( 

Adam Meek

I find it a lot easier to remove the headers altogether and make your own using the blocks in Rise.

It is very easy to do, after you have exported the file to SCORM, I add a generic CSS file I created which doesn't need changing each time and then add 1 line of text to the beginning of the HTML file. Example attached of the end results

Adam Meek

Certainly. I have attached the CSS file you will need.

  1. Extract the CSS file first.
  2. After exporting your Rise course, copy the CSS file and paste it in this location of the SCORM zip folder: scormcontent > lib > Paste file here.
  3. Next you'll want to go back 1 folder so your in the scormcontent folder and copy the index.html file and paste it on the desktop some where.
  4. Next open the html file in notepad (or a html editing software) and add the following line of text near the top " <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="lib/Mystyle.css">" I have attached an image of my file
  5. Save the html file and copy the file back into the same folder of the SCORM zip file (make sure your replace the original)
  6. Done, upload the file to your LMS or where ever and you will find the headers gone, 

Let me know if you get stuck

IT Econometrica

Folks, for those of you who are waiting for this feature (and a few others like it) that require a few basic edits to the CSS file, I'm working on a pre-alpha release of some Rise add-on software that allows you to select from a number of enhancement options, like this one, and automatically makes the changes to the exported file package for you. You just select the enhancements you want, point it at the exported course, and hit save. Let me know if you're interested and I can send you a pre-release version to test.