Rise - change size of headers and lesson titles

May 10, 2018

When bulding courses in Rise I've noticed that it's impossible to change size of the header space (top marigin) or font size of the lesson's title. What I woud like to do is to get rid of all the empty space between the title and the first block of content. In the attached phot I marked the areas that I want to be able to edit. The final goal is to avoid scrolling down the page when I insert a Storyline block to Rise or just any other block of content or interactivity. I already turned off Previous and Next buttons from navigation and removed all padding from content blocks but it's still not enough. Does Articulate360 team consider adding such functions for editing marigins? Thank you

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Lu Post

Unfortunately, my LMS won't publish a Rise course without a title. I like to create the title as part of the header image so I can control the size and position. If I post the course in a web browser, it works fine. Is there any work-around for this or anything I can bring back to my LMS vendor to allow this?

Phil Robinson

This thread has been going on for so long and so many big companies, such as my own, thinking of moving away from Rise because of this issue. Such a shame. This doesn't seem like such a big fix Articulate that it would take you so long to address.

Phil Robinson
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