Rise completion percentage not shared with a LMS. Any news ?

Apr 20, 2021


I know this question has been asked several times before on the community. But I would like to know if there was any news on this issue.

The issue is : Articulate Rise does not share the completion percentage (progress_measure variable) with a LMS.

It can be a problem for the learner : For exemple, he sees that he has completed 70 % of a Rise Course, and once he returns to his LMS plateform, he sees 0 %!! We have a lot of feedbacks on this problem in our company. It hinders the learner.

Do you have any news for us Articulate team on this issue ? Is an improvement planned in this area?

Thanks a lot :)


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Lionel! Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting the percentages on your LMS platform. Have you tried testing your scorm package on SCORM Cloud? SCORM Cloud is an excellent tool to use for testing Rise 360 LMS output files.

If the course still doesn't display scores or work properly in SCORM Cloud, please share your course with us by opening a case. If it does show the course, you may want to show the logs to your LMS Admin so they can assist on your LMS platform.

Hope that helps! 

lionel taponard


Everything works fine on SCORM Cloud. Rise does not raise the completion pourcentage in a case the learner leaves the module before the end (cmi.progress_measure variable). 

I just wanted to know if you plan to improve this point in the next versions of the software. 

Thanks a lot. 



Jiawen Zhu

I’m a web developer who has been supporting Rise and Articulate software for our internal team at a publishing company(not an Articulate developer). I’m also involving in the LMS community and try to bring a good and easy solution for instructors and instructional designers. 

I’ve recently developed a backend system that connects to google excel API and gets data from any quiz, exam that is built from HTML. So basically when your students take a quiz, the data such as student name, score, a timestamp will be pushed into your google excel.  This is especially easy for our instructional designers because all they need are free google accounts. Also, I’m not analyzing any of your data, all the back-end does is to use a Node API to send the data to your google excel. I’m doing this for my side project, but if I get too many clients and my server cannot handle them, then I’m going to charge a small fee just to keep my server running.  Until then, it’s free.

Here is the quiz you can try. (please put a dummy name or whatever you feel comfortable with)

Here is the google sheet that you can take a look at(using a google testing account).

Also if you want more features, please let me know. I’m going to develop more features when there are many people ask them. 

For now, you can embed this link in an iframe. 
For instance, 
<iframe src="https://jiawenzhu.github.io/profile/project_idea/quiz/quiz" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Jiawen Zhu

Hi Renz

Thanks for your interest. Two things need to be done to get this work.
1. The HTML embedded in Rise needs to be pure HTML. (I have a solution below)
2. I need to be authorized to access the client's google account before the system can push data in the Google Sheet.  

To solve these problems, I will create a few quiz templates and dummy google accounts. 
The instructional designer can play around with it. 
I'm going to create these dummy accounts in a google sheet with usernames and passwords.

I'm also interested in building this and see if people are actually going to use it.