Rise course (web) does not display correctly in Canvas (free for teachers) LMS

Sep 29, 2020

I created a quick Rise course. Exported it for web, as the free Canvas version does not include SCORM. I have been able to upload and unzip storyline 360 files and have them work perfectly within Canvas when unzipped. But the Rise file when uploaded and unzipped does not display correctly and is rather jumbled. (it works from my computer just fine when unzipped). help? 

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AG Irbe

Thanks! I upload and expand the zip file with no problem. I also copy and paste the link in the module. However, the html file that opens is skewed and does not look or function like the Rise preview or the index.html file on my laptop. I tried three browsers with the same results. I exported it as a Scorm 1.2, and as  a web page with the same results.  Its not the export or upload that I need help with - its the fact that the Rise file does not work in Canvas. anyone else experience this or have a solution?

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