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Mar 13, 2020

I just read an article by Lucy Suros, "6 Things You Need to Know to Spin Up a Remote Workforce Quickly."  A wonderful article and a must-read, thank you, Lucy.

In the article, she mentions a free Rise course to combat misinformation about the COVID-19 coronavirus.  It states Articulate/Rise is giving it to Rise customers in-app as well, so it can be customized.

My question, would someone be able to direct me to the Rise course that can be customized?  I went to my Rise 360 and could not find it there or in the templates.  Since I am new to Rise 360, is it different than Rise?

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Justin Grenier

Hi, Keith!

I'm so glad you found our COVID-19 course helpful, and I’m happy to share it with you. I've sent a copy of the course to your Rise 360 account. You should see it when you sign in to your Rise 360 dashboard at https://rise.articulate.com.

You’re welcome to edit the course, export it to your LMS, and share it with others. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

Andreas Apostolopoulos

Hi Justin, 

I've read Lucy's great article on medium.com. Many thanks for sharing the link above but it seems that the course has not been shared yet as I cannot find it either in my dashboard or among the Examples page of E-Learning Heroes.

It would be useful to push to our 28K healthcare and admin staff.

Could you please share the link of the course? 

Many thanks,


David McEachan

Hi Crystal, the course is brilliant, but I can't seem to add the editable version to my account. The link sends me to my Rise dashboard, but the course is still nowhere to be seen. Can you advise on the steps to access the editable version? Also, do you know how often will be it be updated? The situation is changing hourly, and info can get out of date pretty quickly.

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