Rise does not track progress if close window is clicked

Aug 18, 2021

Hi all
We have an issue where if colleagues select the close window option their progress is not tracked on LMS.
We advise to click Exit course, which then tracks their progress and marks the module as complete where applicable, but we have a number of colleagues that have clicked close window, meaning their progress and time has been lost.
Is there a way to either:
Make progress trackable when clicking close window on a browser
Or remove the browser options (minimise, maximise, close window)
We have a new Rise module due for release to >2000 colleagues and am feeling nervous about releasing with this happening.
Many thanks

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Chris! Thank you for reaching out! 

  • Have you tried testing your course in SCORM Cloud to see if things work even when a user closes the browser window?
  • Which settings have you used when publishing the Rise course?

    We can also assist you further privately here, by submitting a case and we can continue investigating this!
Karl Muller

Hi Chris,

In our LMS we run our Rise courses in a new window over the LMS window, and it sounds like you are doing the same thing.

For us it is essential for learners to use the Exit Course link. Using this link sends learner data to the LMS before closing the browser window.

If learners simply close the browser window, the Rise course does not have the opportunity to send any learner data to the LMS.

For our organization it was a case of educating our learners to always use the Exit Course link.