Rise Learning Journal and Docebo

Feb 21, 2023

I tested Mike Amelang's awesome learning journal solution in Rise (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/building-better-courses/learning-journal-in-rise-02eaba4b-e6d7-429d-b371-174e5d72e761). It works flawlessly outside of my client's LMS, Docebo. However, once it's loaded, the course is blank. I first tried an xAPI publish (that failed completely), and then I used SCORM 1.2 (This has always been the safest bet in Docebo for them).

Is there anyone out there who's used this in a Rise course with Docebo? Thanks in advance!

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Sophia Strickfaden

Hello Heather, I'm constantly at a loss for the integration of xAPI in Docebo. I'm commenting for the reasons of sharing you're not the only one who is confused and also I'd like to subscribe to this thread. 

As for xAPI and Docebo, have you taken a look at this article? https://help.docebo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020128459-Uploading-xAPI-formerly-Tin-Can-API-Content

It's dawning on me that the size of the file or the version of xAPI may be different than their specifications coming out of Articulate files. Maybe that's why things aren't working... at least for me. 

I'll post again if I find anything new.