Rise not functioning in LMS

We have published Rise courses in Scorm 1.2. The packages have been tested and function in scorm cloud. However - an error message always returns stating that the LMS cannot locate the indexAPI.html file. The LMS is FIS (Regulatory University). 

In reviewing discussion boards, this seems to be a very common error that users are not getting resolution for.

We have built a work around (inserting into 360) but would like to recommend that Articulate make Rise more LMS agnostic so workarounds are not needed.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jennifer!

I'm glad to hear the course worked correctly in SCORM Cloud, but we want it to work just as smoothly in your LMS, too!

Are you doing anything special to the LMS output file before uploading it to your LMS? Have you tried linking directly to the index.html file inside the scormcontent folder?

Jennifer Sim

I submitted a support case. Essentially, there are two issues. The first is that the Rise manifest file packages/lists files incorrectly. It adds additional file paths that the LMS cannot navigate around. When we manually fix the manifest file by removing all the false path directories that existed in it, we can get around that error (even though I don't think we should have to). Now, we are getting the system cannot locate the indexAPI.html file. It looks for it in a pathway that doesn't exist either which leads me to believe there is another file path pointing error that I have to locate in the code. This really shouldn't be that hard. This product is disappointing from a deployment perspective. 

Mike Veazey

I'm having similar issues. The package works just fine on SCORM Cloud, but our LMS keeps throwing the following error message: 

The requested URL /FISSCORM/rmc2014/.../scormcontent/scormdriver/indexAPI.html was not found on this server.

It looks like it's combining the file paths somewhere (scormcontent and scormdriver). Thoughts?